AVIS Аренда Авто Авентура Флорида

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Авентура, 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, (entrance by Cheesecake Factory), Aventura

Офис проката автомобилей ЭВИС в Авентуре

Часы работы:

Понедельник - Суббота с 8-00 до 20-00

Воскресенье с 12-00 до 20-00


ЭВИС является крупнейшим мировым оператором по прокату всех типов автомобилей. Имеет более 5 000 офисов в 165 странах мира. Компания основана в 1946 году. 

Located in a northern suburb of Miami, Aventura Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Florida, and the third biggest shopping center in the US. With more than 300 stores, many of them selling designer and upscale goods, the mall is a prime destination for southern shoppers.

Home to Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom, and many other major retailers, the Aventura Mall also contains a cinema and a wide range of dining options from food courts to fancy restaurants.

Renting a car near the mall is easy with Avis. A dedicated Aventura Mall car rental office is stocked with late-model vehicles and a wide range of accessories allowing you to customize each rental to fit your needs.

Get a great deal on an Avis rental car near the Aventura Mall today!

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