Best Buy Albuquerque

(505) 298-3585
Albuquerque, 55 Hotel Cir NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

If you are interested in quality electronics at a good price, you have come to the right place. It is in the Best Buy electronics store chain that you will find a great selection of any electrical goods at the best prices.

We have been in this business for many years and know what is best to offer to our beloved customers.

Only original products and excellent service are our style of work.

We are confident that in the USA we make the best deals on buying the best products at the best prices.

Take a close look at our product catalog and make sure that we make the best offer on the US market


If there's more than four people in the store. Good luck getting help

Friendly associates. Clean store. Easy shipping experience.

Lots of staff people looking busy doing nothing

Really cool place. They have lots of electronics and more. I seen in the open box section a dishwasher and lots if other items at way below price. Electric scooters were on sale, I bought one. Only problem is low staffing to ask questions, but once I found someone they were very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks guys, keep up the good work...

First time ever buying anything from this store, enjoyed my experience. Staff was knowledgeable and very helpful in finding the right device and accessories for me

I prefer this location to the west side branch, there's usually a longer line and heavier security, but every time I get a pickuo order here, it is ready within the hour, unlike their west side colleagues who take over 2.5. While Ebay is usually king for consumer electronics, if you need something *today* this is the spot. I got a Dyson air purifier here, I'm a big "fan"

The customer care representative wasn't very good, but she did get the product I was looking for. The price for the lap top was better then other stores. Very happy with that.

Gm was on top of her employees. You hardly have gms who care for customers and makes sure they are beyond taken care of and she made sure everyone is satisfied.

Complete amateurs working at Geek Squad, they will only do the bare minimum to help repair your computer and send you off to the side to ignore you and help others. If you slightly inconvenience the female worker at the front, she’ll send someone else to help you instead of doing her job

Went there because AT&T. Told me that? They had a diagnostics for my phone and when I got there. I found out that they only have the one for Apple so they told me. I had to go to another store on the opposite side of town. It wasn't too excited about that.

If you know what to look for you can get some pretty stuff for a huge discount.

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With operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Best Buy is a North American retailer of technology and entertainment products and services with a commitment to growth and innovation.
The Best Buy family of brands and partnerships includes brands such as Best Buy, Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales and Cowboom. Over 150,000 employees apply their talents to help bring the benefits of these brands to life for customers through retail locations, multiple call centers & web sites, in-home solutions, product delivery, and activities in our communities. Community partnership is central to the way business is done at Best Buy. 

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Reviews about Best Buy Albuquerque

17.11.2023 17:39
They have done a great makeup of the store since they had a flood of water a few months ago. It looks spacious and the carpet fills soft with comfortable as you walk on it. The building looks nicer then the Rio rancho store. It's worth my time to go just to walk around and see all the nice toys you would want to buy, too take home.
30.10.2023 22:20
I ordered a refrigerator that was supposed to be ready for a pick up on a Sunday. It wasn't ready and no notice. I called and theyv won't allow you to talk to anyone local. They don't take calls in the store. I called the next day and was told we just have to wait for the item to come. No update, no idea when it will come. I have always bought from best buy but they have now lost a customer.
30.10.2023 22:20
This store has become practically the bane of my existence in tech. I am a BBY Total member, long time customer and purchase a lot of tech here. Somehow I've managed to be unlucky enough to discover every flaw in BBY's systems and policies in my past 6 months of transactions. I have EVENTUALLY gotten all of them sorted, but generally with the opposite of help from this store.

Just to clarify, I have not received a $500 discount when buying a dryer, got defective graphics card, had to find a Dyson vacuum that an employee had stashed because it was the last one and they wanted it. Finally this time it was not getting my copy of the game Starfield with a new PC that literally had a sticker on the box advertising the promotion. The guy who sold it to me mentioned it as a selling point, yet somehow failed to properly activate it in the POS. I spent a month on the phone while the return period was still open, trying to explain that I could not return to the store because this location had been suddenly and randomly closed for remodels.

Today they were finally open again, but it was the same old. The employees couldn't even listen to me long enough to fully absorb my issue and they tried to satisfy me with a rebate on my BBY credit card that would show up "soon, hopefully" instead of just fixing the transaction and making sure I left the store with the product I was supposed to have. I finally got through to the correct department on the phone afterwards and they were able to just fix it and send me my code. WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IS IT SO HARD TO GET SOMETHING DONE THAT TAKES 2 MINUTES IN THE END?
30.10.2023 22:20
It's weird how other best buys can renovate while allowing customers to shop, must be an Albuquerque thing
30.10.2023 22:19
My mother-in-law loved her new skull candy earbuds thank you She greatly appreciated the wireless aspect of the earbuds. Me and my partner bought an 32 Inch Vizio TV and there is no issue works great and Good price we also purchased a few Echo Dots and a smart plug with smart lights we are making our home smart with the assistance of Best Buy and the wonderful services they offer geek squad it is worth it. We will be going back for future shopping. The location is easy to find my only complaint is the homeless people in the area they leave their trash behind and make it look not so well but other than that great place to shop. Their return and refund policy is good as well if needed. Sending prayers and positive thoughts just bought a new laptop today I hope everything works correctly the price was right and the sale was ending soon. I picked up my laptop today and I am slowly getting ready to set it up properly I am adding pics of my progress and opening the box.
30.10.2023 22:19
Pretty much closed for remodeling. There was a guy answering questions and telling people that the store was " closed for browsing".
30.10.2023 22:19
Store is in repairs. Smells horrible inside. And you are supposed to wait in line until they bring stuff to you from warehouse. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!
30.10.2023 22:18
The Best Buy on Eubank has consistently been a reliable source for electronics and gadgets, but there's room for improvement, particularly in their order logistics. The store itself offers a great selection of tech products and knowledgeable staff, which makes the shopping experience pleasant.

However, it's worth noting that there are issues with their order pickup process. The parking lot is notably more spacious than the designated area for order pickups. This can lead to congestion and confusion, especially during interior upgrades or construction phases.

It would greatly benefit both customers and the store if they could clearly designate and signpost an order pickup area in the parking lot.

Moreover, a lack of clear signage for order pickup notification can be frustrating. Implementing clear instructions for customers on how to alert staff when their orders are ready for pickup would streamline the process and prevent bottlenecks in the store's interior traffic.

Despite these challenges, the Best Buy on Eubank remains a worthwhile destination for tech enthusiasts, but addressing these logistical issues would greatly enhance the overall shopping experience.
30.10.2023 22:18
Needed a point and shoot camera for work immediately. Website said two different models were in stock. Of course they weren't. Had to go across town to their other store to gC300et curbside service, but they list my order somewhere. Finally got the device. Another reason I really dislike Best Buy.
30.10.2023 22:18
The store was under construction you are only allowed to go up to the cashier only and ask for what you need and they will go get it for you.
28.04.2023 14:25
Great place and great service


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