Lovelace Medical Center

Albuquerque, 601 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Lovelace Medical Center (LMC), located in the heart of Albuquerque, is a 263-bed acute care hospital with over 1,200 employees providing comprehensive care, including around-the-clock emergency care, surgical services, non-invasive robotic spine surgery, cardiology, award-winning stroke care, radiology and oncology services. We are proud to be certified as a primary stroke center by DNV-GL, demonstrating our dedication to excellent stroke care. LMC also offers inpatient adult behavior health, neurological and rehabilitation services.

24/7 Emergency Department Adult ICU Cardiovascular ICU Cardiology Services Dialysis Gamma Knife Center of New Mexico Inpatient PT, OT and Speech Therapy Medical Oncology Pulmonology and respiratory therapy Radiation Oncology Radiology Services Stroke and neurology unit Surgical Services Awards AHA Get with the Guidelines - Gold Plus Target Stroke Elite Plus Honor Roll and the Target Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll 2021 - 2022 Leapfrog Top Teaching Hospital Leapfrog Hospital Safety "A" Grade AHA Get with the Guidelines - Stroke Gold Plus with Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite Plus Modern Healthcare's Best Places to Work in Healthcare, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Midas+ Platinum Quality Award DNV-GL Gold Seal of Approval for certification as a Primary Stroke Center Named to Becker’s Hospital Review’s list of 100 Hospitals with Great Neurosurgery and Spine Programs Accredited in radiation oncology by the American College of Radiology 2017, 2018, 2019 DNV-GL accredited

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Great hospital. I had children with me and needed something to do because children we not allowed in. There is a park right behind the school and parking buildings just around the block and I wanted to let people know because it is definitely a sight to see. It’s a beautiful park.

I was seen and treated at the ER by Dr Davenport for head and facial injuries, etc., sustained in a fall. Dr Davenport was amazing- very professional, thorough, and very compassionate. I was impressed at his thoroughness and his ongoing communication with us. An RN, Jason, was equally outstanding. I have both of them to thank for explaining each step of the way and for creating a caring atmosphere in which I received the best care possible. I thank these two professionals immensely.

I had a chemical heart stress test at the Heart Hospital of New Mexico. Everyone was polite,kind professional. There were two nurses and an ultrasound technician. The test was prompt, painless and thorough. I was very pleased with their communication to one another concerning my vital signs. I was very pleased. I would highly recommend this test at the Heart Hospital of New

Mexico. Dana Nighswonger,MD

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Reviews about Lovelace Medical Center

14.11.2023 19:49
My husband was brought in by ambulance to Lovelace downtown ER very early morning Sunday, October 8th. He had shortness of breath, increased edema and a low grade fever. He has previously been diagnosed with CHF and has many other health issues. I explained to the nurse and the doctor that he recently had labs done through his primate care provider and explained that there were some abnormal labs, specifically his liver enzymes. Long story short, he was discharged and I was told to follow up with his primary care provider. I called his primary care provider, who was shocked that they had discharged him with his history of CHF and heart stent placement. The chest x ray that he had done there also showed edema. His primary care provider told me to take him back to the ER if his condition worsened. That same evening, he was having more trouble maintaining his oxygen, had a rapid pulse, his fever was rising and was extremely fatigued. This time, I drove him to Lovelace Heart Hospital Emergency room. He was given a better exam here, but once again, when I voiced my concerns about his obvious worsening CHF, and changes in laboratory readings, it fell on deaf ears. When I voiced my concern about his cough, all I got was, “ of course he is going to cough, he has CHF.” To my utter amazement, he was discharged once again. Today he was brought by ambulance to another hospital. He has been admitted for acute on chronic hypoxic respiratory failure, worsening CHF, abnormal EKG, fluid overload with possible pneumonia. To say I am angry is an understatement. He did not need yo get this sick. I am extremely disappointed. My husband has doctors that he sees on an outpatient basis through Lovelace, and they are wonderful, but the ER really let him down. I have been a medical professional for almost 15 years, and for your staff to basically shrug off our concerns is really beyond disappointing and frustrating.
14.11.2023 19:49
I was treated in a timely manner. The radiology staff were thoughtful, respectful and cared. I was glad I went to them and was grateful for their effort.
14.11.2023 19:48
Lousy patient care. Husband waited over 24 hours for decision on whether he'd receive surgery for perforated bowel, while bleeding internally and infection spreading throughout abdomen. They did nothing but hang some antibiotics but no decision. No mention of blood despite critical blood counts and good luck finding a nurse that follows through. We signed out and went to UNMH
14.11.2023 19:47
Excellent care and attention to detail. This is my second surgery at this medical center and I have always felt safe and well taken care of.
14.11.2023 19:47
I am currently a patient in the hospital been here since Monday its Saturday now the first three days were wonderful everyone helped they decide to move me to a regular floor mind you I can’t get up on my own change myself or anything due to neck surgery previously I’ve been basically ignored by charge nurse and technician I’m wet my dressing on my leg the reason o came in needs changed and have been told I’m going to rehab supposed to get a list so I can pick one nothing my nurse has been in to check on me and helped but is way to buisy to do anything now I’ve been laying here for 6 hours the only one came on was respritotyy nurse and a lady about my transfer and the person handing out our meal mine has been sitting here for at least a hour No excuse for this I want back on the floor I was on last night the ones that did come this morning was very rude and not friendly if I could leave I would never coming here again

To revamp my earlier review they have helped me today and made me very comfortable so I give the a 3 not their fault they’re buisy
14.11.2023 19:46
My visit was completely as planned. Had a good discussion with the health provider and we have a positive plan moving forward.
14.11.2023 19:46
I just had outpatient surgery done at Lovelace Medical Center Downtown. I was attended to by a very caring and knowledgeable staff.
14.11.2023 19:45
The actual surgery went very well and the Dr who performed it was great. I gave it a three star because of their release performance. It took awhile to sign off on the release paperwork and I came to find out they "lost' some of my clothing. My jacket and shirt were just gone. I find that was poor customer service on their part. Kudos to the Dr and her staff. They were spectacular.
14.11.2023 19:45
One of my best experiences in an ER setting. The staff was pleasant and respectful. Testing ran vert smoothly and was completed very quickly. My only concern is the disconnect with my primary care doctor for after care. Still waiting to see my primary doctor about concerns after 2 weeks. Was just inform I should scheduled an appointment with any open doctor that was available instead. So now I have to go thru my whole history with another new doctor, who has no true interest in me as an individual. What purpose does that serve? So now I will probably end up returning to the ER to get answers to my concerns. Costing me more money just to address my concerns that should be done by my primary doctor. Also additional testing was requested and no one had contacted me about scheduling these even though they have been ordered.
14.11.2023 19:44
No consistency in Care in the emergency room. I have a condition that puts me in there around every 6 weeks or more. It's called cyclical vomiting syndrome. It is not curable only manageable. I have done everything I could to prevent it, stopped eating red meat processed foods and more. So I do my part and more to manage it.I try to ride it out at home, even though my doctor's tell me to go in when I see blood in my vomit. So I do and sometimes they treat me with the proper meds and keep me until I am stable. But most of the time they treat me like I am coming there to get high.
They will and have talked down to me. Told me I am abusing the system and referred me to pain management when I don't meet the criteria. It's called compassion fatigue.
If you have it please take a vacation or pursue another occupation. You are in the wrong job. I am so tired of going to the hospital to be treated for a real emergency.
And being treated like it's my fault or like I'm seeking drugs.
14.11.2023 19:30
Went to ER and we were attended right away, very professional, except for the person trying to draw blood, wasn't experience and didn't deserve to be doing it, another one came in and drew blood quickly. All staff was kind, compassionate and professional.


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