Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse

Anchorage, 610 W 6th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501


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Food .Fun.Beer.Drinks.And my baby and her band! Experienced Better!

Reindeer cheeseburger, halibut burger, and smoke salmon chowder. Very good. Well, worth the visit.

It was open mic night (Sunday). You play any instrument or sing with the band

We went for brunch, and they have a make your own bloody mary bar. The food portions are very big, so be prepared to eat. The service was pretty slow, but the restaurant wasn't full. Also be prepared to pay for parking, they don't have a parking lot. It was tasty, just wish I could have gotten water after asking 3 times.

A dive bar feel. We were rowdy so sat in a booth away from others. We had great service and good food.

Always pleased with the food at Humpy's. The Halibut fish and chips are fantastic. My wife lives the King Crab also. Great burgers, too. The only negative is that it's pretty dark inside. I've seen so many people using their cellphone flash lights just to read the menu

One of Anchorages downtown favorites!

Halibut tacos are awesome! Somked salmon spread and bread is my favorite!

An eclectic gathering spot for travelers and locals of all types. The Health nut Halibut was fabulous! Great selection of beer.

Met a friend out for a drink and snack, great service and food! Highly recommend

Food, atmosphere and price was all affordable. A great place to meet and share conversation with local people. I throughly enjoyed my visit.

Didn’t eat, just had a beer and for the record, a 13 ounce DIPA shouldn’t cost $11.75 ($13 w/tip). Sorry, it just shouldn’t but I ordered it so I paid it.

My husband and I are long-time Alaskan residents and have eaten at Humpy's a bunch of times in the past. However tonight, we went to go see our friends perform as singer and guitarist. We sat with more friends at a high table with bar stools. Every time we come in, I have a difficult time scooting myself onto a stool and sitting for long stretches without a back on the chair. (I have a physical disability.)

So we moved a bar stool with a back, to the stage-area of the main floor. And we had 2 servers and a manager tell us I had to sit on a bar-stool without a back, because the bar stools with backs were for the actual bar customers. Not for those eating in the bar/dance area. THE WHOLE PLACE IS A BAR/RESTAURANT!!!!! We have never had a problem with moving stools around before but they were very adamant that I not sit on THE WRONG STOOL! Needless to say, my friends, husband, and everyone else who heard this conversation were all in agreement- THIS SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE! The manager and servers both said I could sit at a regular table, but all the lower tables are not in the bar area. We were allowed to keep the stool with the back, "just this once" so we stayed and had a nice dinner with our friends. (We had The Bill's Way Halibut burger and the Crispy Chicken sandwich with a side of Salmon chowder.

They all tasted very good but the soup was cold, sadly.) Aren't restaurants obliged to accommodate those with disabilities and physical limitations to make their stay more enjoyable? Isn't there a policy in the ADA that states this very thing? (Yes, there is) So why was moving a bar stool with a back to make it more comfortable for myself so wrong? This policy totally stinks. I do appreciate the way the servers were polite in talking with us, however the manger was much more terse and was the one that stated I could have the stool in the bar/dance area "just this once". IT WAS ONLY A STOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you would like to see us as customers again, please revisit this policy to make the necessary modifications to accommodate all your customers, not just those who are more able-bodied.

Good breakfast and good environment!

Price on average for Anchorage (average $20 for breakfast)

Been meaning to try Humpys for awhile now and wow, best burger I've had, possibly in my life. It honestly looked and tasted (I assume) like that perfect cheeseburger in the movie The Menu. Love their fries too. Friendly and fast service. Love this place.

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Reviews about Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse

17.12.2023 16:28
Humpy's is a long-time downtown establishment for Anchorage. They have a little bit of everything on the menu, and the pasta is pretty good. With a name like Humpy's, you know seafood has to be their specialty. There are many fairly priced options, like crab, cod, and halibut. We went on a busy Friday evening, because they are conveniently located downtown near town Square, many local bars, and the performing arts center. The house was packed and they had a great local band playing. We were quickly greeted and seated, and our waitress was overworked but very friendly and attentive- we didn't wait for much. They had a great selection of local beers as well as domestic - they came out quick with our drinks and kept our waters full. Our party ordered 2 burgers, a plate of crab, and their beer battered halibut. The burgers had great reviews, the crab was fairly priced and well cooked, and the halibut had delicious breading. The fish and chips had well seasoned breading, the french fries were delicious in their own beer batter, and the fish itself was cooked at a great temperature and fell apart perfectly.

The only drawback I had was the breading on my fish was not thoroughly cooked - the inside was still a touch raw even though the fish was cooked well. I can only assume the batter was done just a tad thick because everything else was perfect. They were too busy for me to bother with sending anything back, but I encourage you to order the fish if you dine in on a slower evening.
17.12.2023 16:28
After a late night shift it Humpys was open and playing live music! We could enjoy a drink and talk before heading home. It was well worth the visit.
17.12.2023 16:28
Reminded why I haven’t been in for two years. The almost $20 Old fashioned I ordered was just club soda and whiskey in a cup full of ice. The fish and chips were good but have doubled in price and halved in serving size.

Used to love this place but it’s gone to the dogs. $45 for one drink and two pieces of fish.
17.12.2023 16:28
The ONLY reason I didn't give the food a five is because the halibut batter didn't have any seasoning in it, other than that, the food was amazing.
Our server Danielle was ABOVE excellent!! She was very courteous and friendly and gave the best customer service. She even came and told me to go to the back door to capture the beautiful sunset.
The bartender made a mean margarita! The managers were really impressive as well.
05.05.2023 14:01
Dined for lunch. I got the “Health Nut” with Halibut. The marinated cucumbers were pretty spicy and needed salt (I rarely use salt), but the halibut was very good. The steamed veggies were broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and were exactly steamed veggies (no seasoning). My daughter got the dinner salad and said the ranch dressing was excellent. She got the chicken sandwich and said it was fine (it’s rare in my experience to get an outstanding chicken sandwich). The fries were really good. It was a busy Sunday around noon and the service was fine - can’t expect super fast when they are that busy. A bit pricey for what we got.


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