Hula Hands Restaurant

Anchorage, 501 W Fireweed Ln, Anchorage, AK 99503,

Serving Hawaii's most popular dishes in the AK. Now offering delivery catering for your special event. Call 907-278-0009 for details



The food is incredible, the music is great and the staff is amazing. The food portions are 10/10 and I recommend checking it out for great Polynesian food.

Hula Hands is the place to go for indecisive eaters as there is something delicious for everyone!

Always 1 of my favorite spots to eat great service amazing food

First time having Hawaiian food and it was delicious. Plate was piled high with food. Spent a total of 27 dollars with tip for a combination plate with chicken, pork, rice and macaroni salad with a side lau lau. They did not disappoint! Would recommend to give them a try!

OMG If you like poke, this is the place to get poke. Lol The macaroni salad is awesome also.

Delicious place, great service, good prices, huge portions. We love it here! All the meats are so tasty

Best Kalua pig ever. If I lived within a couple blocks of this place, I’d be in every couple nights (the aroma alone is amazing). Great service, locally-owned and premium product. Can’t go wrong if you’re craving anything Hawaiian; it’s all good.

This place gives me nostalgia, makes me feel like walking into my grandma's house. The pulehu chicken was so juicy and chicken katsu was nice and crispy. We also got the lupulu which had a lovely coconut sweetness with tender beef. YUM. Just YUM.

If you like L and L hawaiian go here instead, the food is just better quality the portions are bigger and the prices are comparable , try it once you will see what i mean I went to the one on fireweed im not sure about the mtn view location.

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Reviews about Hula Hands Restaurant

09.11.2023 12:37
I picked up my food last night and brought it home. When I opened my napkins with the silverware in it a cockroach crawled out of it! I tried to kill it and it got away so now it is in my kitchen!!! I called hula hands and the guy said oh sorry about that would u like the number to the main office. That’s it!!! So I called them last night and ok it’s almost 5pm I get they probably went home. But I have called them all day today and the phone just rings no voicemail no answer no nothing! Somebody better come fumigate my damn home I am so upset! They were my go to Hawaiian food restaurant in town and now I can never eat there again. I threw my food in the garbage and spent the next hour searching for that damn bug. I can’t even go into my kitchen now without feeling angry.
09.11.2023 12:37
The quality and quantity of the food is 10/10. There was no chance I’d eat that full plate and I can usually eat a LOT. Highly recommend. Friendly service, good food, in a simple no-thrills atmosphere. Perfect.
09.11.2023 12:36
So I’ve been coming to this place since I was a BABY since my family is Hawaiian. We used to love this place but since new management took over a few years ago it truly has not been the same. The kalua pig, which is what I had recently, tasted not only bland but VERY dry. It never tasted like that before. In addition, a few months ago I got the kalua pig and laulau. The Kalua pig at that time had no taste and the laulau tasted rancid. I try to go back every few months to see if things have improved but unfortunately not.
09.11.2023 12:36
Dirty. I tried a few times but my appetite leaves when I sit down and look around the place.
09.11.2023 12:36
Have been going here forever! Always love the food especially the Mac salad - not sure what they do but it’s like food crack. Their pie slices are huge servings but always worth it. If you call later in evening when they are still open and get no answer means they are probably on island time and you have to go and order in person.
09.11.2023 12:36
Cool Hawaiian spot. Service was good. Food was great and nice portions. I’d recommend anyone who is in the area to try this local jointe.
02.05.2023 14:55
Cheap, but taste full. Easy location and clean with respectful staff.


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