AutoZone Atlanta

(404) 752-5930
Atlanta, 689 Cascade Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

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Met Kevin Johnson at this autozone. Was very impressed with his customer service. He did not try to upsale me and he also installed my battery! I will be returning to this store! Keep it up Kevin! Wish there were more like you in this world!

Thank God my car is in good condition. If I had to come in here more than 1 a year, I might stop driving. Can someone please tell me why do they allow people to hangout in the parking lot servicing cars? This is not only a problem waiting to happen, the experience is a turn off. On my way in, five people asking what I need help with before I even get into the store. However the service in the store was nowhere near that good. The employees saw me come in. They made eye contact, but because they were in a conversation about "Should I move my car to another parking space..." I had to wait until a decision was made. No literary I had to wait for the young lady to move her car and come back. After my purchase, it was like walking the green mile to get to my car because "Hey you need some help with that?", "What do you have? I can put it on for you?" all that talent sitting in front of Autozone. I bet it never dawned on any one of them to start their own business. But I blame Autozone. There's another part store not to far from there. You never see that there. In fact they have signs saying that behavior is not allowed. Autozone does too, but it's not enforced. When the employees don't care. That's speaks alot.

Great customer service the second time the first time when I drop my battery off they didn't even touch it on the outside of the store it's a lot of people just hanging around out there trying to cause issues and clean up the place and it'll be okay you know thank you

Kevin, Art, and Travis came to my rescue last week. I was scrambling to get a new battery for my car at about 8pm. They found the right one and even took the time to replace it for me, and in the rain. They truly made my day!

You can always find someone to assist you with your vehicle in the parking lot. Be cautious  because they could not know what they're



AutoZone is the nation's leading auto parts retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories with more than 4,600 stores in the US, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

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Reviews about AutoZone Atlanta

09.05.2023 13:24
Great customer service


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