Bangladesh Halal Meat-Grocery

Atlanta, 5382 Buford Hwy NE B, Atlanta, GA 30340


I am a Bengali and i have been buying chicken/fish/mutton from this place on regular weekends. However, I am not coming back to this store ever again after today’s experience.

I was buying multiple items of chicken and wanted to reduce one certain item. To this the store owner suddenly became extremely rude and behaved very inappropriately with me and my wife. We both were stunned, having never faced such behaviour in any store in the US. Before this I had never checked the reviews on Google but now I can see how multiple people have experienced something similar. It’s a shame that they don’t want to see it and correct themselves.

Extremely rude and bad behavior!!! Read all other comments where everybody has complained about the rude behavior at this shop. I just called and asked their prices of halal meat and owner shouted at me! I'm glad I called before going as this shop is not worth going to. The phone call was enough to tell you to go to a truely halal store that not only sells halal but conducts business in a halal way!

It's a store where you can get halal chicken and mutton. Can get other Indian/ Bangla groceries as well.

My favorite Grocery store. Their raw meat are the best and of course these are halal. Always find the stuffs what I need for cooking.

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Reviews about Bangladesh Halal Meat-Grocery

01.12.2023 13:15
The store seems very nice.
14.10.2023 14:25
Store is clean and has good valued items.
Customer service was prompt and casual.
14.10.2023 14:25
I should rate this store 0 star but I don’t have option.

I purchased whole chicken and chicken thighs and when I came home chicken is smelling really bad and I called store to report this and the guy who spoke to me is like not even sorry for selling spoiled chicken and he is like when you are traveling home from shop that might be spoiled .. I mean really it’s just 15 mins drive from that store and he is like go complain and do what ever you want ..!! This is insane how come he can sell spoiled chicken to customers how come food inspection allowing this ..?
14.10.2023 14:24
The store seems very nice.
05.04.2023 18:54
I bought fresh chikken, meat is good. Only problem is they didn't accept card payment, u have to go with cash!

Я купил свежую курицу, мясо хорошее. Единственная проблема в том, что они не принимают оплату картой, вам нужно платить наличными!


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