Brito Supermarket # 2

Atlanta, 3020 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30329


Yes the chicken is famous.

Yes the salsa is hot. Yes they have just about everything from shampoo to fresh cactus. However they have the best chicarones on Buford highway. Crispy, thick and with a lot of meat. Hard to find these after the pandemic. Mostly the thin, meatless type. Theirs though are very meaty and addictive. Not too greasy or spicy. Definitely check them out but they're only available on weekends.

The best roast chicken that can be found in the area, fresh, freshly made and a good price

Excellent quality and great service

Muy buena calidad de los productos y buen servicio.

This is a small convenience store that does not sell alcohol.

They have a gigantic smoker on the side of the building that smells amazing. The meat section is in the corner of the store. They have whole chicken, pork ribs, and pork rinds available. All tasted amazing and came with salsa. The salsa is green or red. I can't remember which is hotter. The entire process lasted 2 minutes because the food is already prepared. I also like to grab some drinks and chips.

Great store if you're looking for Hispanic groceries. It's a little bit smaller however you just grab what you need and get out

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Reviews about Brito Supermarket # 2

14.10.2023 16:48
Great grilled chicken and salsa!! Yum
14.10.2023 16:48
I went here and got yelled at for ordering the chicken too early.

They didn't stop me from gassing the joint with a queso bomb I had marinating in my colon.
14.10.2023 16:47
The seasoning on the chicken is spot-on. It’s excellent, however the breast tends to be slightly dried out. It’s also unfortunate that the price has exploded up by $3. Since the chicken is so popular, I wouldn’t doubt that it’ll be $15 soon.
05.04.2023 19:57
If you see them cooking meats on the smoker/ grill outside DEFINITELY stop by and get some!!


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