Cafe Circa Restaurant & Lounge

Atlanta, 464 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Treat yourself to southern-fried favorites at Cafe Circa. We are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and serve traditional southern food, including shrimp and grits, fried crab legs, and other tasty dishes. In addition, we offer live entertainment, a hookah lounge with many flavors, and complete catering services.


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Food is great! Tierra was my server and was phenomenal! Top tier service & nice establishment will recommend!!

Me and my homies came to get a section and bought two bottles. TT got us right! She was definitely a vibe and attentive to all of our needs. I’ll definitely be back just to see her and the food

Great Food, Nice Ambiance, Relaxing and Inviting Vibe. The Hostess at the door was full of life, Dj had it rocking and our Server MARI was nothing short of amazing. Highly recommended checking out cafe circa and I’ll definitely be back!

Mari Mari Mari! Thanks for making my experience at your establishment one to remember! This beauty was very attentive and respectful from the time she greeted us at the table. She Checked on us regularly and always had a pleasant smile!

I wish you much success in all you do Beautiful soul! Great client service is rare nowadays but you wowed us! Keep up the great work

Ordered the spinach omlette with toast on the brunch menu. Cost was $20. I expected a bigger omlette for that price. It was ok. I ordered a side of cheese grits they were very good.

Mari was the best server to us , she was knowledgeable of the food and drinks. She checked on us throughout the course of us eating. The food at this establishment was delicious and the front door host was fantastic. I will definitely return and recommend 10/10 for me

Love love loved this place. I was visiting ATL for the weekend and was my first time in the city. We did the karaoke brunch and was definitely a vibe. It felt like home been searching for a scene with great music and friendly people just looking to have fun… well found it here

Came on a Saturday afternoon visiting town and wanted to grab a drink. Drinks were great, really cute decor, music was on point, Courtney our bartender was accommodating and beautiful. Definitely will visit again.

A well hosted party to perfection! We had the best party planner Naomi, an attentive Server/Concierge Tierra, the best Bartender Lex and I can't forget the young lady that made sure our parties Hookahs were fresh and well tended. Everything was on point and professional. Please schedule your next holiday and birthday parties at Cafe Circa in the near future!

Went due to flyer on social media. Nothing was priced as advertised on the flyer. Flyer said $25 hookah was charged $40. Drinks advertised at $5 was charged $10. All before midnight.

It was free entry. Parking was a hot mess. We sat upstairs, service sucked big time! If you didn't know the girls they ignored you. We were told we had to buy a bottle to sit at a small table. The bartender made the hell out of our drinks! Best part of the night was the female dj.

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Reviews about Cafe Circa Restaurant & Lounge

15.12.2023 21:28
The manager was so nice and kind! I had lost my phone after a fun night visiting here with friends and they were so helpful. Good people here!
15.12.2023 21:28
Unfortunately we were not able to get a waitress so we left hungry even after paying $20 just to enter. It's gonna be a No for me. I absolutely understand busy nights.. but to charge a door fee and then NOT provide service is crazy. We did finally get drinks from the bar after about 30-40 mins and the dj and her hype was super dope! But other then that I won't be returning.
15.12.2023 21:27
Took forever with the food.we were a group of 10, 1 person didnt get her food untill we were rdy to leave. Like a hr and 30 vibe and interior tho
15.12.2023 21:27
Uhhh…. Ordered food at 1 and didn’t receive anything until 1:52 am. Huh? How? Like do you have one chef or did you need to heat up the oil? Also they were only serving fried foods … that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes lol! Trash. Music too loud… lemme just stay home.
15.12.2023 21:27
We had a lot of fun, and the food was amazing and worth the return, alone. We had salmon n grits & whole wings with¹ french toast. So full of flavor! The advertising about the Brunch Mimosa R&B Day Party needs to be made clear as there was some confusion about this. It would have been nice to hear more R&B during the event. The DJ played a lot of hip-hop, catering to his own liking, but once he started playing R&B, the customers lit up, danced, and really appeared to be having a great time. Once the rooftop opened, we went up and planned to hang up there a while longer, but they turned off all heaters, which made it cold and uncomfortable, so we left. We will definitely return again now knowing what to expect.
15.12.2023 21:27
The atmosphere was nice, just know I will not return when NY is playing football. That’s all who were in there and the DJ only played up north music as well, and ALL the big flat screens only had the N.Y. game on. Would have been nice to cater to all teams since you are here in Atlanta with a business.
05.04.2023 20:53
Amazing experience, great vibe, food, service, the owner is present with a smile and readily available to assist!


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