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I've had the worst Lowe's experience on Saturday!!! 1st time at this Lowe's location and apparently they aren't concerned about customers!!! I can understand why family and friends only shop at Home Depot!!! The customer service supervisor or lead was VERY RUDE!!! I had an issue with using a gift card and she was very rude! She told me it wasn't anything they could do and walked off! She didn't suggest anyway for me to get help at all!!! What happens to this money on gift cards that the store won't help resolve??? Are companies making a good profit off keeping customers' money on gift cards???

Man. I am so disappointed. They left me on hold for a total of 2 hours almost as if they were waiting until closing time. I paid cash for my appliances. First the crew didn’t call a hour ahead like suggested they would. Then I was sent wrong item so I called in. Over two hours of waiting and nothing. I am so disappointed. My issue still has not been resolved.

I don’t recommend picking up landscaping items here. Especially loading a truck with a pallet. They have you waiting forever for someone to unlock the gate to there loading area. There is only one person with a key so they have you waiting. It’s ridiculous. It took 30 mins for someone to come unlock the gate wnd another 15 to get it loaded. Get it under control lows management

First: I like the selection and the quality and quantity of plants in their garden center is far superior to Home Depot. However-you can't find help, the garden gates were still locked after opening (you had to walk through the store) ; but the biggest pain is you can't check out except through self-checkout. If you're buying packaged items that all have their barcodes-great. If you are buying lumber, plants, numerous bags of soil, etc. most of the time you need someone from the store to ring them. Even if you DO manage to ring everything, then the alarms go off because you haven't bagged the item, de-armed whatever security tags they have, etc. and have to wait till the security comes to make sure you are not stealing. I'll go to ACE.

Derek’s and Kevin’s great energy (in the paint dept) was so infectious I had to leave a review about it. 8am in the morning and I’m tired beyond measure but i thoroughly enjoyed my experience SOLELY due to their synergy and positive vibes. if they ever need another job, I’d hire them in a heart beat! Lowes is very lucky to have them both.

Bought 2 bundles of pine straw for $9 and change and they had no less than 11 pine cones and 4 sticks in them. Their service is terrible. Long waits to return items, check out, get pine straw. Associates run when they see you coming. After holding on the phone for 25 minutes, they disconnect the call. If you find anyone to help they won't have product, store or customer service knowledge. Worth the trouble to drive farther to HD.


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Reviews about Lowe's Home Improvement Atlanta

26.09.2023 14:35
I had the best curbside experience with Maurice this week! I ordered a big patio set and he selflessly helped me load it I to the car and I dusted that I didn’t lift a finger! Thank you, Maurice—top notch service.
26.09.2023 14:34
In general, you go to Lowe's because the nearby Home Depot does not have the item you need. Lowe's does not generally compete on price. The equivalent plants, for example, are significantly more expensive then HD. I can't say that the customer service at Lowe's is much better even though HD is generally garbage on that front. By the way, as policy they won't cut your lumber, either.
26.09.2023 14:30
I just love everything about them. They are friendly, helpful, and its easy to find what u need. Oh...and the lines move quick.
26.09.2023 14:30
Lowe’s with home improvement stuff
26.09.2023 14:29
The hippest Lowes in ATL
14.05.2023 13:12
Lowe's is very good store but the prices are a little high.


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