Starfish Restaurant

(404) 350-0799
Atlanta, 2255 Peachtree Rd F, Atlanta, GA 30309

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First time to Starfish, ordered steak hibachi and hot Sake..the price seemed to be a bit on the upper range at $32 but turns out it is good enough for two people! The salad that came with the hibachi was sooo good, I have never had such a great dressing on my salad before, the steak was so tender and juicy! 10/10, would recommend if you like Asian food and Sake!

One of my favorite sushi places in Atlanta! The staff is always kind and accommodating and the food is always fresh and delicious!

Must have! Service was slow, but worth it! Only reason for the 4 stars was because of service, food was amazing!

I never write reviews but I ordered take out last night and it was the best sushi I’ve ever had and would probably order on a regular basis if it wasn’t for the fact that the portion sizes were kids size, I had two hand rolls for $22 and they were so tiny but so tiny both fitted on one hand so I basically had one hand roll for the price of two. That really didn’t do it for me even though it was the best tasting sushi I’ve ever had it won’t be worth the price.

Possibly the best sushi I've ever had. The staff was incredibly courteous and friendly. Definitely not something I could afford on a regular basis, but the experience here made an already special occasion even more special.

Treat yourself to the warm sake! I'm grateful for the experience.

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Reviews about Starfish Restaurant

21.12.2023 21:01
Wonderful service — perfectly attentive, courteous, and welcoming. Highly recommend.
21.12.2023 21:01
Amazing fresh sushi and sashimi, the best I have had in Atlanta. I eat sushimi 1-2 times a week and I would go here every time if I could. The wait is a bit long but it is well worth it
21.12.2023 21:01
말랑말랑하고 촉촉한 탑건롤 너무 맛있었어요!
21.12.2023 21:00
This is the best place to come warm up and enjoy a tasty great quality meal. I loved the customer service and complimentary appetizers for it being my first visit. Come support places that make you feel at home. 10/10!!!
06.04.2023 14:27
The sushi is amazing and exquisite!
Very recommended!


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