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Are you facing a charge for suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or another alcohol-related charge? Whether you are a college student at the University of Texas at Austin or just had one too many after work and one thing led to another, you will need an experienced defense team.

At Hildreth & Rueda, many of our clients seek our help with a DWI or another alcohol-related charge. Others need experienced representation when facing charges such as assault, drug possession or theft. No matter what your case involves, there are many reasons to hire a defense attorney quickly. Prosecutors are known to pile on criminal charges as a negotiating tactic. Our lawyers will build a strong defense for you right away. We are ready to take your case to trial from the beginning.

If law enforcement did not have probable cause to stop you, violated your constitutional rights and in many other situations, we can look to the dismissal of your case. In some cases, your best interests may be for a plea bargain. Further, you may qualify for a reduction of charges, even with prior convictions.





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I called in looking for answers on a case that was placed on my name that i had no knowledge of. Florencia was able to provide me with information on how i can get answers. She was respectful and extremely professional answered my questions and put me on the right track. I am very grateful, definitely recommend.

I cannot express how grateful I’m with Florencia, she was very straight forward since the beginning of the process. The whole process was very smooth.

Really good at communication, she was always a call/text away every-time I had a question for her. 100% recommended!!!!!

Consulting with multiple lawyers who each explained that they could help but it would take a long time to get it done, we met Florencia. She took a look at the charges and said she could get it resolved immediately. She was true to her word. It was taken care of that next day. I cannot express enough how amazing she has been through this whole process. It was easy to see that she truly cared and was passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney.

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Reviews about , услуга Hildreth & Rueda

11.12.2023 21:39
Hildreth & Rueda is amazing! I was looking for representation last minute and had my case dismissed same day. I wish I knew about them earlier. They responded promptly and took care of business. I wish I knew about them earlier. Thank you all for taking care of my case like it was your own.
11.12.2023 21:38
Flo is the most down to earth honest lawyer you will meet. After speaking with various lawyers we decided to put our faith in Florencia as she seemed to be the most straightforward lawyer we’d come across. Having a previous (same) conviction, she was able to get my case DISMISSED. With Florencia we followed our intuition. Just go with the Flo, Flo-rencia Rueda! Thank you and have a blessed life


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