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Baltimore, 6501 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215

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Reviews about AutoZone Auto Parts

19.10.2023 22:42
Staff is always nice and helpful. Store is generally well stocked. It's rare that I can't find the items I need.
19.10.2023 22:42
Staff on site was polite and helpful
19.10.2023 22:42
I visited the store twice and the salesman could not find the parts that I needed . The second visit, same senerio, but I found the parts in the store.
19.10.2023 22:42
Takes too long to get checked out
19.10.2023 22:41
First time coming to this store and I ordered a part so I came in and said I was here to pick up a part and the guy David d just ignored me. I stand their for 10 minutes just watching them talk and I finally said I'm here to pick up a part to him again. He said very rudely I don't get parts he does I was taken aback so he just ignored me the first time so I step over to the other guy and I wait another 10 minutes while they just talk and joke. Finally I said how am I supposed to get a part if yall won't even acknowledge that I'm standing here yall are ignoring me. One guy said the parts behind me so I picked it up and set it on the counter to wait another 5 minutes to be rang up. I had money in my hand and when he asked me to sign on the register he looked at me and said oh your using money I thought you were paying card. Well if he would of asked he would have known so he gets an attitude about that. Finally he takes the money and the guy David d just throws the receipt at me and doesn't say a word. This is the rudest experience for no reason at all that I've ever encountered at a place I spend my money at. They act like they are doing you a favor.


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