Punjab Groceries & Halal Meat

Baltimore, 345 E 33rd St, Baltimore, MD 21218

Amazing and Best Original Asian Supermarket in Baltimore

This is great fresh food.

The most interesting reviews

Good will get meat and groceries

Punjab is a fine, convenient, small, well-stocked, Indian/Pakistani store only steps from my home.

I rely on them for the British PG TIPS tea bags . Sweetened with honey, this tea is truly a hearty, flavorful tea to enjoy! Punjab stocks many brands of tea (in tea bag and loose forms) from fine tea companies around the world at reasonable prices! Punjab also has many other fragrant Indian and Euro soaps, including henna and a choice of incense. Punjab has Basmati rice and oil in medium to large sizes at very reasonable prices. By request, chicken and lamb are available for purchase.

Indian spices are package in usable sealed packages Many days, homemade samosas are for sale which often freshly prepared and warm near the cashier's counter Pita & naan are fresh and reasonable. Some fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, jarred Indian/Pakistani sauces & and frozen entries are available. In all, Punjab is a treasure to the Charles Village neighborhood.

This is amazing you can buy everything you need to make so many different opinions of Middle Eastern food and all of everything that I have either made from here or bought here has been so delicious. I definitely would recommend all to shop here for all of the India and Pakistan food you love. …

The owner is a Pakistani American with welcoming attitude, in my opinion Pakistani has an excellent reputation among the small business owners. Majority of Pakistani American Muslims have grocery stores and meat shop, it's a good thing but other nationalities should also participate in the business segment and Pak-American enterprenuer should participate in restaurant business line.

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Reviews about Punjab Groceries & Halal Meat

16.01.2024 20:54
Best samosa around ! Nice uncles too!
01.12.2023 22:48
Good quality Halal products. The owner is very friendly.
01.12.2023 22:47
Decent indian grocery in baltimore .... wide variety of Indian products.... few fresh produce available too. I craved fresh green chillies, which i got there.....It made easy for Indian students and families around the area to feel like home.
12.04.2023 13:45
Good collection of Indian goods. Also has a small section of Indian vegetables that you might not find in other supermarkets. There are also fresh Indian sweets like jalebis at the billing counter. Prices are high but within expectations.


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