Royalty Food International Supermarket

Baltimore, 5007 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214

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I didn’t catch the clerk’s name, but she was very helpful and pleasant! Judging from the reviews I was prepared to have an unpleasant experience (but I needed scotch bonnet pepper so I was ready to do what I had to do) Not one moment was unpleasant and I am American born and raised. She didn’t treat me badly or less than because I wasn’t “African”. I felt that was important to highlight. I’ll be back! P. S. They sell Maggi too

It Was able to get ingredients I could not find anywhere else. The selection was pretty good.

Он смог получить ингредиенты, которые я не мог найти больше нигде. Выбор был довольно хорошим.

Lately they don't have a variety of food items to choose from..

My favorite one, good foods reasonable price

Good store, descent customer service.In my opinion the level of customer service you get is based on your ethnicity. I am African born American raised and that is my experience. On the other hand, they have everything that I need.

One nice food store that I have visited in recent times,the services is second to none and their prices are affordable and competitive.

Один хороший продовольственный магазин, который я посетил в последнее время, услуги не имеют себе равных, а цены доступны и конкурентоспособны.

Great selection of bread, spices and dry goods!

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Reviews about Royalty Food International Supermarket

17.01.2024 14:44
Cheaper and fresh products so far. Good customer service
17.01.2024 14:44
The customer service is excellent. The staff is always ready to assist me. Thank You and I will always come back.
10.04.2023 16:00
Great food store


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