Downtown Seafood & Grill

Baton Rouge, 130 3rd St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801

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Updated review: Mr. Henry makes the BEST burgers in Baton Rouge! The thickest, cheesiest, meatiest, juiciest most flavorful burger there is. You will not get a better burger or a better value at any other restaurant in town. His burgers easily feed two or one very big eater. He knows all this regulars and is able to catch up while he makes their favorites. Not enough people know about this hidden gem, but the reviews scream it all... Best burger, PERIOD.

Both he and his staff are super friendly. He also serves tender, delicious fried fish and succulent fried shrimp. They do close at 3pm week days when the downtown lunch rush dies off, so please swing by your next weekend down the levee and you won't be disappointed! They do stay open late for New Year's eve and Mardi Grad and for most downtown festivals. In the picture that's only about a third of the fries I got, I forgot to take the picture sooner.

This is a great catfish place. Loved the platter it was hot crisp battered and boneless.

They do have Eat in but I got it to go. They also have lovely tarter sauce

There are several things I love about this restaurant: One, you see your food being freshly cooked and who's cooking it; Two, the food is high-quality and delicious; Three, the fountain drinks taste like sodas should when machines are regularly cleaned; Four, the price for the portion is fair.

A downtown restaurant with rich history and good food is expected to be crowded and loud. I don't like that atmosphere so I sit outside when I can. However, this barrier limits my frequency. Overall, it's worth your hard-earned money. They never disappoint.

Bad customer service. I placed an order for pickup during lunch time and they said they didn’t receive my order cause their device

was on airplane mode. I then asked them if they could make the order while i was there and they kept saying that i would have to redo my WHOLE order. Mind you i had already paid with my card online so the order was paid for. I then showed them I already paid for it I just needed them to fix the order. They refused to fix it and said that I couldn’t get.a refund without contacting the company i placed the order through . I didn’t need a refund i just wanted my food. The lady at the register and the man at the back continued to argue with me that they was not going to make it even though I showed them that the order was placed and ready to pick up. I will not ever be returning there food is overpriced anyway and i wasn’t the only one there who had an issue with the service. They need to do better!

I ate here with my son and daughter after touring the USS Kidd. He and I had catfish/shrimp platter and it was great. Huge catfish fillet. Fries good, too. I assume this is a local favorite because how else could it survive? It’s not dressed up to pull in tourists. Just simple little diner.

We started walking toward the old Capitol to find a place to eat when we passed two ladies who were enjoying their meal. They recommended it. Also thank you, Hamid, for the discussion about world history.

It was my very first time visiting downtown seafood and I got to say I love the atmosphere friendly customer service and I would definitely go back there again and also their food is amazing they are amazing.

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Reviews about Downtown Seafood & Grill

16.12.2023 17:20
The staff in this restaurant is ongoing and that's one thing that I can appreciate. As you never have to worry about the meal tasting differently because two different cooks are preparing. The meals are always fresh hot and deliver with a smile.
16.12.2023 17:20
Same great Cheeseburgers that I've enjoyed for nearly 20 years here! Same great fries! Just needs Coke Zero fountain drinks.....
16.12.2023 17:20
Food is always fresh and made to order. Henry has always made sure his customers are very well taken care of. The other workers are really polite and courteous ❤️
16.12.2023 17:19
I literally want to go back for more while writing this review! I was skeptical at first because it was a ghost town inside but I gave it a go anyway! As soon as me and my mom walked up to the counter, the cashier handed us a plate of shrimp to taste and I knew at that moment, this was a good decision. I had a huge shrimp po boy with fries and a salad. It was soo good and they even gave me an extra box of shrimp! I highly recommend!
19.04.2023 13:28
The cheeseburger was DELICIOUS! The fried shrimp and fries were perfect. The po-boy needed a fresher bun and more dressing, but was alright.

The employees were all working hard. The place looked decently clean up front, but as you went back to the restroom, the age of the building showed.


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