Pinetta's European Restaurant

Baton Rouge, 3056 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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In my top 5 BR restaurants without a doubt :) the lady explained they haven't changed their menu in many years (i don't want to put the wrong number because I don't remember but it was an exorbitant quantity). I can see why they haven't had the need to do so!

Terrible management and woefully unprepared for a Valentine's Day rush. I LOVE Pinetta's food and it's one of our go-to spots for a casual date night, but they simply cannot handle more than three or four tables at a time in their restaurant. The two (!) servers were running wild trying to keep up while the owner (?) simply stood by and watched, blissfully unaware of the chaos ensuing around her. I want nothing more than for Pinetta's to succeed and to be around for generations to come, but that's not going to happen until they clear the dead weight and bring on some real restaurant talent to run the front of house.

Best red sauce ever! You can't go wrong ordering anything that has the red sauce! It's AMAZING! The Lasagna is my favorite, my husband's favorite is the Veal Parmigiano.

Delicious, as always. Can never go wrong with their amazing and complex red sauce. All the raviolis are delicious and so is the chicken parmigiana.

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Reviews about Pinetta's European Restaurant

19.12.2023 17:43
This place can do no wrong in my book. If they ever close, I will honestly cry. The chicken parm will give u reason for living. The veggie lasagna also top notch. Please support this place, even if occasionally the service is lacking, they make up for it x1000000 w the incredible and authentic flavors & atmosphere!!!
17.04.2023 11:52
The online menu is inaccurate, and the owner refuses to make a current menu available. So if you are picking up for a group, bring a lot of extra money (business lunch nightmare). The food is still fantastic and worth the effort, no matter why you are there.


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