Village Grocery Deli & Seafood

Батон-Руж, 13510 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Best crawfish..on weekends...and fire poboys

Seafood good as hell....and it's never a long wait....check the out

Yummy place my boyfriend brought me here. The eggs are to die for.

Good shrimp fried rice and fish

Хороший жареный рис с креветками и рыба

I've been going here for years and the food is always amazing.

Я хожу сюда уже много лет, и еда всегда восхитительна.

Looks can, and are deceiving. This place looks like a gas station on the inside, but the food is delicious.

The pepper wings are out of this world. The shrimp fried rice is better than any Chinese restaurant I have ever tried. Even in this ridiculously expensive economy, this place will fill your belly without breaking your wallet.

Always at this place on my lunch break.. they have alot of options and the food taste great!

That fish and redbean and rice plate...or the fish and shrimp...pretty much everything is delicious. The boil seafood is great! You have to stop in and try it for yourself. I LOVE IT!

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Reviews about Village Grocery Deli & Seafood

12.04.2023 15:18
Best dang crawfish in the city


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