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Costco originated the warehouse club concept more than three decades ago, and we continue to lead the industry in terms of quality, value and convenience.

We are known for carrying top-quality national and regional brands, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our members, at prices consistently below other retailers. We feel strongly that we offer the absolute best values in the industry. 

Costco also features a fine line of quality products under our own Kirkland Signature™ private label. All Kirkland Signature products are guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than name brands.

Costco has been recognized throughout the country for providing our employees with real living wages – the highest in the industry – and for our ethical business practices.

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Reviews about Costco Wholesale Baton Rouge

10.10.2023 21:49
Costco is truly a great store warehouse. I love their set up, their prices & their own store brand. The employees were very pleasant.
10.10.2023 21:47
All ways has the good stuff bring back the chocolate ice cream and brisket
10.10.2023 21:47
Another positive experience at Costco. Consistency in product availability and service no matter what store is visited.
10.10.2023 21:47
Good warehouse, items don't often come cheap but are of decent quality. Always overcrowded.
10.10.2023 21:47
Just amazing. I love, love this place
10.10.2023 21:46
Why costco don't bring pomegranate please ? And Lettuce so bad not green and fresh . All my grocery from costco . I Feel comfortable shopping ???? bc the AC is good
10.10.2023 21:46
Great! It's a Costco. Just be mindful of the traffic in-store when you go. Love their gas prices! Great selection too. A one stop shop for long term stocking.
10.10.2023 21:46
There was no where to walk hardly on frozen food aisle due to way to many cases of water in middle of aisle I and at least 7 other people were upset because it was crowded and made a line around other aisles to get to it. We drove all the way to the Nola Costco location because of this wasting mod time and gas. I am totally upset and usually have no pronblems.
10.10.2023 21:46
Complacida, muy buena ubicación
10.10.2023 21:45
As a visitor from Texas and a first time shopper at Costco (I was a guest with my aunt who has a membership) I did not appreciate how we were spoken to.

Given it was a Friday (08/04) afternoon and there was a lot of foot traffic, my aunt and I, along with our children, made way to self-checkout, not knowing there was a line 3 register stands away, when this associate started yelling at us - NO! NOPE! GET OUT OF THE WAY, THE LINE IS BACK THERE.

At first, we had no idea who this “man” was talking to because where we chose to initially pay, there was no one. It wasn’t until the man (who had his name tag flipped over where it was not visible) had approached us (two women with small children) and told us in the same fashion as before to leave the register because there was a line.

Strike one.

We apologized to those in line and explained we didn’t know the rules for this particular Costco location. I did ask the man to be kinder when speaking but he was more focused on removing us from the self checkout area. We were in shock on what had transpired and actually contemplated on leaving the cart with the two 3-pound bags and few clothing items we wanted to purchase but my aunt convinced me to just brush it off.

We then went to a cashier whom we saw was being trained. Tommy, the cashier was great! His trainer, Regina - needs a refresher on customer service. She acted so unprofessional and was quick to get defensive when asked if we could get 3 different receipts. She proceeded to point her finger in my face saying I “shouldn’t even be here because you don’t have a membership” which irritated me because of how in the span of a minute and a half, two associates felt it was necessary to be nasty towards us.

Strike two.

I asked to speak to a supervisor because of the mistreatment we were receiving back-to-back. Ms. Keisha was who responded and honestly, her calmness and approach was what diffused the situation from escalating to a screaming match between Regina and myself. We asked if it was possible to have 3 different receipts for the materials that was being purchased with 3 different cards, she kindly explained the rules in less than 45 seconds. I thanked her for her compassion and seeing us as human beings, not just as customers. My aunt told her she barely shops at Costco and only got the membership for my cousin to be added as her household but that it quickly reminded her why she barely shops there.

The store itself was great. The customer service received by those two associates left a bad taste in my mouth which is why I’m rating it 1 star. I don’t raise my voice at my own children and to have them witness their mother get yelled at by two strangers, that doesn’t sit well. My respects to Ms. Keisha and Tommy for keeping it classy, professional and patient with my children.

Needless to say, we will not be going back to Costco simply for this reason. No need to see what Strike Three will look like. My aunt will not be renewing her membership in about two weeks.


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