The Home Depot Birmingham, AL Eastwood #880

(205) 595-7780
Birmingham, 7001 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35210

When The Home Depot was founded in 1978, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank had no idea how revolutionary this new “hardware store” would be for home improvement and the retail industry.

Today, we’re proud to be the world’s largest home improvement retailer. In more than 2,300 stores across North America, we aspire to excel in service – to our customers, associates, communities and shareholders. That’s what leadership means to us. That's The Home Depot difference.

Our founders' vision of one-stop shopping for the do-it-yourselfer came to fruition when they opened the first two Home Depot stores on June 22, 1979, in Atlanta, Georgia. The first stores, at around 60,000 square feet each, were cavernous warehouses that dwarfed the competition and stocked 25,000 products, much more than the average hardware store at that time.

Today, The Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement retailer with approximately 475,000 orange-blooded associates and more than 2,300 stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The typical store today averages 105,000 square feet of indoor retail space, interconnected with an e-commerce business that offers more than one million products for the DIY customer, professional contractors, and the industry's largest installation business for the Do-It-For-Me customer.

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Reviews about The Home Depot Birmingham, AL Eastwood #880

19.09.2023 13:41
Staff are very friendly and helpful.
19.09.2023 13:41
This store is average compared to other Home Depots. I like the garden center, and I like that the website tells you where items are located. Twice I've come up the register and something didn't have a price tag on it and the cashiers have told me I have to go find one with a tag, which I hate, so that's the main contributor to my 3 star score.
19.09.2023 13:40
Good selection, courteous service and extensive selection.
19.09.2023 13:40
Signs saying they make copies of key fobs. Machine in place to make copies of key fobs. Apparently not a single employee knows how to make copies of key fobs. 6pm on a Saturday? Really? Not ONE employee. Absolutely ridiculous.
19.09.2023 13:39
These stores have most everything you could possibly want or need to build, repair, or decorated your home hense the name "Home Depot" so if you have a need for their products just come on by!!!!


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