Costco Wholesale Everett, MA

Boston, 2 Mystic View Rd, Everett, MA 02149

Costco Wholesale offers a unique selection of products in the USA at unbeatable prices.

Evaluate the selection and prices, come to our stores, we will offer service, low prices and better service.

Only in our stores you will find the best offers on the US market

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Costco originated the warehouse club concept more than three decades ago, and we continue to lead the industry in terms of quality, value and convenience.

We are known for carrying top-quality national and regional brands, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our members, at prices consistently below other retailers. We feel strongly that we offer the absolute best values in the industry. 

Costco also features a fine line of quality products under our own Kirkland Signature™ private label. All Kirkland Signature products are guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than name brands.

Costco has been recognized throughout the country for providing our employees with real living wages – the highest in the industry – and for our ethical business practices.

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Reviews about Costco Wholesale Everett, MA

07.01.2024 19:44
Parking lot was totally gridlocked, to exit to 16. Absolutely insane design....huge parking lots not even nearly full, completely overwhelmed the design pattern.
07.01.2024 19:43
I love Costco! I signed up about two months ago and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. From saving money with bulk buying to the food court, it feels like it has everything.

The parking is usually crowded but there is always space. The one downside is that there isn’t a Costco gas station which would’ve been a great addition to this location
07.01.2024 19:43
11.10.2023 14:24
It was so exciting to have plentiful parkings and huge warehouse near Boston after harassed by expensive parking and small hotel room sizes in downtown. Lol
The store has so many varieties of food, and I finally got my clam chowder! I loved it! Highly recommend!
11.10.2023 14:24
Not really different than the one we have in New Brunswick. Actually, I was surprised to not found more stuff that we don't have. I bought few Chinese desserts and that's it. Nothing more. A loooooot of people. I'm wondering if the other one in MA is better and has more new stuff than this one ? The restaurant had a lot of options that we don't have, so overall, 3 starts.
11.10.2023 14:23
When there only for the $1.50 hotdog & soda combo. Didn't buy anything at the store. Not the healthiest meal, but I love the Costco hotdogs, especially with all the fixings.
11.10.2023 14:16
We got a flat tire. We called other services and no one was willing to help. Anthony ( Saint Anthony to us) was an angel who saved us. He squeezed us in to replace our tire in a timely manner. The whole group in the tire department was very personable and professional. Thank you so much again! We made it home to Canada.
11.10.2023 14:15
Plenty of options. Clean and well-stocked
Update 9/27: food court is down for about a month for remodeling and deli will follow per employee
11.10.2023 14:15
每次去 Costco Wholesale 都會裝滿購物車,再去結帳,此次也不例外。這時節去更會選購不同牌子的中秋月餅禮盒與家人分享。
11.10.2023 14:15
Ideal para comprar todo lo que se necesita para el hogar, desde artículos de aseo hasta ropa de cama y muebles.
11.10.2023 14:15
Everything you may need from bread, fruit, pasta, vegetables to car tires!


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