Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center

Charlotte, 1000 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) is the flagship hospital of Atrium Health, which is distinguished throughout the Southeastern United States for its excellent patient care and medical expertise.

CMC operates at 2 locations: CMC and Atrium Health Mercy. These locations are 1.3 miles apart.

From modest beginnings in 1943, we have evolved into the largest hospital in the region and a world-class facility that offers a full range of services to the Charlotte community and beyond, with more than 1,100 physicians and providers specializing in all areas of medicine.

CMC serves as the region’s only Level 1 trauma center and is an approved transplant center for heartkidneypancreas and liver. We also serve as one of North Carolina’s 5 Academic Medical Center Teaching Hospitals, providing residency training for more than 200 physicians in 15 specialties and serve as a regional campus for Wake Forest University School of Medicine, based in Winston-Salem, NC.

Carolinas Medical Center has been named the number 1 Best Hospital in the Charlotte region by U.S. News & World Report for 7 years in a row. Also located at CMC is Levine Cancer Institute's academic and research headquarters, Carolinas Rehabilitation, ranked #1 in the Southeast and top 10 in the nation, and Levine Children's Hospitalconsistently ranked as a Best Children's Hospital in multiple specialties by U.S. News & World Report for 16 years in a row.

Contact Information

Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center
1000 Blythe Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704-355-2000

Atrium Health Mercy, a facility of Carolinas Medical Center
2001 Vail Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28207
Phone: 704-304-5000

Medical Services

Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center is committed to providing advanced, personalized medical care to our community so you don't have to travel far for your healthcare needs. Learn more about our medical services.

Lodging and Dining 

Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center has a cafeteria if you need a “fuel” break for yourself, as well as other dining options. If you need to spend the night, we have a handy list of lodging options.

Gifts and Greetings

Our gift shop has all kinds of items if you need a little something to brighten your day or the day of your loved one in the hospital. Learn more.

Spiritual Care and Education

Sometimes we need a little extra support and spiritual comforting that only a chaplain can provide. Learn more.

Visitors Guide

Access a handy list of hospital phone numbers and general information you may need when visiting our hospital.

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

What an amazing experience! All the doctors, nurses, staff were amazing. Professional, kind, tentative. Very clean. I highly recommend this hospital. Not sure why the ratings are low. I would give a 5 plus star review. They took great care of my Dad for over a week.

The nurses are TOP NOTCH at CMC Main. During my delivery and post-delivery I felt seen and taken care of by the nursing staff. I delivered with the midwives which are also great at what they do. I would highly recommend having you baby at this great hospital.

I received fast and great care and was able to discharge earlier than expected. The staff worked great and in unison on my condition and got me back on my feet very quickly. Thanks to all who were involved in my treatment!

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Reviews about Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center

13.12.2023 19:00
Long line of visitors to see patients and there’s only 2 ladies working the front desk registering people??? So I’m literally gonna spend more time getting registered than actually seeing my friend. Wow
13.12.2023 18:59
I'm pregnant got a high fever Noone was in the hall on the stretcher my body aches a nurse didn't my but one did I was just laying down sick body hurts in pregnant was hurtful to she how so.e nurses don't care about ur well being at this hospital
16.11.2023 15:43
I gave a 3 star because the Dr's and nurses were FABULOUS, but the security staff are thieves!
I was admitted as a trauma patient. They took my pocket knife and gave me a "claim ticket". When I was released 5 days later, I called the number on the ticket to find out where I could pick my knife up. A woman told me to show that ticket to ANY security officer and they will help me retrieve my property. Boy was she wrong!! I showed it to an officer who instructed me to go back to the entrance I came in and that's where my property will be. Well, because I was unconscious when I came in, I didn't know where to go, and they weren't in a hurry to help either. A trauma nurse told me where I came in from. I went to that entrance and showed them my ticket. The officer then told me that my property wasn't there and if I could come back tomorrow she'll look again.
I live in Montana. I was in Charlotte for work when I had my accident. Coming back the next day was annoying, but not impossible. I arrived back to the same door the next day and handed the officer my ticket and he said it wasn't there and to call the number on the ticket to find it.
Now, I am am up against a deadline for returning home. I called the number on the ticket again and THEY couldn't find my property! After being home for a week, I was able to call them one more time. This time, the "sergeant" miraculously has my property in his hands as we spoke! I asked him if they could mail it to me. He took down my address and said he'd call back.
Fast forward 10 days and still no call back. I called them again, explained the situation and a lady told me one of her 'higher ups" would call me back. They called me back the next day. He said they won't maul me my property and I am more than welcome to come claim it in person. I know, for a fact it is not illegal to mail a knife, but he insisted it was against their policy. They stole my property. The security are thieves.

Edit....a security upper management employee has rectified the situation and personally returned my knife. For that, I thank them.
16.11.2023 15:43
I am writing this review to warn anyone in the near area AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I had the misfortune of visiting this hospital at a time that was quite difficult for my family as my aunt was in the MICU. The front desk staff should clean house and start fresh on two occasions that SAME NIGHT I saw front desk staff being incredibly rude to visitors and I had the worst run in with KAY on November 2 2023 around 8’o’clock PM, she stated in my aunts “transitional period” that my family could not see her and I politely asked how is this possible if the head nurse said we could come in to say our goodbyes. This woman KAY with the worst attitude stated “you can ask the head nurse I don’t care” and scoffed at me. Needless to say I had to take it into my own hands and speak to the head nurse since they were NO HELP. Another front desk member told me not to report her, and as the time was of the essence to see my aunt I left it alone that night. I am reminded every day for the past week I spent precious moments arguing with a front desk staff over being with my aunt. I would hate for anyone to experience something so traumatic at such a tragic time. As I went up to the elevators KAY stated what room I was going to loudly, to another staff member which is very obviously a hippa violation to even state where I was going as if to start another argument with me. Like I said. Left it alone that night. The only saving Grace on that front desk is Carmina. I will never go back if I can help it and I hope the other two and probably HUNDREDS of people who have been mistreated by this staff report and don’t allow these things to go unseen.
16.11.2023 15:43
The nurses once you get to the back and the doctors are good.. but the reception area is horrible.. the whole late night shift clearly treats everyone like a drug addict... or homeless.. lack of empathy and social skills.. majority of the staff is black... as a blk woman i was disappointed in the staff.. the professionalism is not there.. then a yt nurse in the back made a weird comment abt monkeys in a barrel.. drop equipment on me.. complained that the ekg machine was faulty and she was tired. I pray I'd never have to return here
16.11.2023 15:42
I have been here, in this hospital for 6 hours and have not seen a doctor yet. I came here straight after work and nothing but vitals and my blood pressure have been taken twice. I am starving and requested just a pack of crackers. Nothing is being done. I do not recommend this hospital to anyone. The staff isn't as caring as they should be, and I may have to leave soon because I need to eat.
16.11.2023 15:42
This has to be one of the worse ERs I've ever visited. No seating for family members, dirty feel to it and overall depressive feeling. Atrium needs to put more funds into refurbishment.
16.11.2023 15:42
Literally the worst hospital in Charlotte. AVOID. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Have had a billing dispute for over 6 months. Cannot get a person to call me back and solve it. Runaround and after runaround that shows above all else - they DO NOT CARE about patients. I've spent hours on the phone, and they all end with getting cut off or being told that I'm not speaking to the person who can help. They just point fingers and speak disrespectfully.
2. While I was in the hospital - 24 hours post-delivery, they called to ask me to pay my hospital bill. WHILE I WAS IN RECOVERY! Wow. Again, it shows they do not care about their patients, especially new mothers.

Mostly, I think their disregard for helping people solve billing issues show that they only want money. The doctors are fine, but if every other part of the system is completely broken, it's not worth the fight. Highly recommend going through another healthcare provider.
16.11.2023 15:42
The food in the cafeteria is terrible. The price is outrageous. Meat is dry, vegetables are overcooked and under seasoned. Unless you are trapped, leave campus and eat elsewhere
16.11.2023 15:41
I was in the EEG unit, I was admitted in hospital on Monday morning October 23,2023 for the monitoring and testing. Everything was fine until I had an episode on Friday night October 27,2023. When I became unresponsive and I was abused and assaulted by the people who were supposed to be taking care of me. But these were the people who were causing harm to my body as I lay there in my bed and I couldn’t respond because I was unresponsive but I could hear everything that was being said and I couldn’t believe what they were saying. If they had just taken time to read my chart they would have seen that was my fifth time having the same episode. But it doesn’t matter if it was my first time I didn’t not deserve the abuse and assault that happened to me. But what was the most shocking thing was that they chose to inject a sleeping medication into my IV port while I was experiencing the episode. They did not know whether I could have lived or died during this episode but they made this decision to put me to sleep. They did not want to deal with me anymore, I recall hearing my blood pressure was 100 or 100 something but they still chose to give me medication to put me asleep. They bought the doctor I via video because in the EEG room everything is video recorded so he knew my history but he didn’t stop them from doing anything. I have pictures of the bruises on my body of the assault and abuse. No one deserves this treatment from people who took a oath to protect and take care of others
16.11.2023 15:41
Excellent people who work here in the maternity area, they make you feel safe and help you with any concerns you have, they always treat you with kindness. During my labor I had to be assisted by the very kind nurse LIA, an excellent person, both she and the doctors and even the anesthetist, all super professional and make you feel in the best possible way so that your stay in the hospital is very good. 100% recommended atrium health
16.11.2023 15:41
The most unprofessional experience I have seen in my entire life. Pain doctor Dr. Newby fed my fiance narcotics while she was pregnant causing a miscarriage. The end result of that was Dr. Newby writing drug seeking on every single page of her medical personnel chart to make it seem like she's a drug seeker or a drug addict. And out of the blood that they've taken from her to do all these blood tests they can run a drug test and it will come back nothing but what they gave to.her. very unprofessional. Tried over and over again to get her removed from my fiance's health care. No one under the atrium name seems to care that one that Dr. Newby destroyed a family by causing a miscarriage and making my beautiful daughter not welcome to this world. I don't understand how you can have somebody on your team that does such awful things and let them get away with it by covering it up the way that they do. If you have a serious medical condition, please do not go to atrium you're not a person to them. You're just a number. Go to Presbyterian right around the corner. The best team I've dealt with in ages quick, compassionate and knowledgeable.


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