IKEA Bolingbrook

Chicago, 750 E Boughton Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Such an interesting Swedish story

How did they come up with this? Make inexpensive and high-quality furniture

Perhaps it is somewhere deep in the minds of these wonderful guys

Everything must be in order

Seems like a standard, but not quite. Some special ideas and always striving for the ideal. The quality of each product.

This seems to be the soul of Swedish designers and their approach to business.

Everything should be to your liking and at a reasonable price. By the way, the issue of ecology has not been forgotten.

When IKEA entered the US market, the company's top experts invented the best solutions for this market.

It definitely worked out. Welcome to IKEA stores

IKEA is proud to offer its best products to customers in the United States.

A store of furniture and interior items, everything for the home from the world famous IKEA chain of stores. Offers a huge range of good products at low prices. Our offers will please any buyer. And our service is known all over the world. Our products are known and in demand in many countries around the world. Any of your ideas for decorating the space of your home will find solutions in our stores. We always care about quality and high level of service. When purchasing products in our stores, you can be sure of excellent quality and low prices for all products!

Our frequent discounts and sales will satisfy all your home furniture purchasing needs.

We create the best examples of our products specifically for the US market.

We are confident that any purchase from IKEA will bring pleasure to your family


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Reviews about IKEA Bolingbrook

07.11.2023 18:34
I like the furniture. It’s inexpensive but when I ordered it it was wrong. I had to go 4 times from midway airport area to Bolingbrook. It took about an hour for my issues to be resolved. Never was given anything for my inconvenience. Until the 4th time was I given a $50.00 gift receipt for all of my inconveniences. So upsetting.
07.11.2023 18:33
Always a good time at ikea! Standard ikea good stuff
07.11.2023 18:33
I’ve been coming to this IKEA for my shopping needs for years! They keep their stock as fulfilled as they possibly can (due to what trucks receive from their warehouse) Their products on the floor are always zoned and organized. Aisles are always clean and they have a fun play area/ball pit where you can drop off your children (limited time) for free so you could do your shopping

The food area has so much delicious foods such as my favorite the vegan hot dog, veggie meatballs, and cheesecake. I love all their foods ketchup, mustard, candies and cookies.

Their parking lot is pretty good when it comes to their carts always cleared from damaging the customers cars. I’ve always managed to find a parking space in the lot.

All their employees were super friendly and knowledgeable. No matter what time of day or season, if you happen to come in to this IKEA it’s an experience you will never forget I highly recommend to shop at this IKEA location
15.09.2023 14:14
I never been to an IKEA before. I'm Norwegian partially so I thought going to a Scandinavian furniture store would be cool. I got some accessories, a hat and a few other things for under $50. I don't buy new furniture so I didn't buy anything here. Plus I don't need anything right now but I feel like if you do this could be good. I heard they're having a lot of supply chain issues. You either have to supply your own bags or pay for some. They don't include any sort of bags or carrying things. So I'm glad I had my hat so I could carry my stuff out there.

This was a thing I was able to check off my bucket list of just experiencing and checking out the store. It was interesting and totally different but not something. I'd probably go back to you again unless I got like a few hundred dollar free gift card to go here then I totally would otherwise probably not
15.09.2023 14:14
Hay mucha variedad de productos para la casa y te da muchas ideas de remodelar cuartos, cocinas
15.09.2023 14:14
This store has the worst order processing method I've ever seen. God forbid you're early to pickup your order, they won't help you get your order faster, or even let you get the items yourself under the order. It's by far the worst order online pickup in store experience I have ever had or could even imagine
15.09.2023 14:13
Such a great store! I go here every few months just for the vibes. Prices are great too!! I can never leave without grabbing their famous Swedish meatballs.
15.09.2023 14:12
Love the products!! Can’t believe the prices! Some items should be reduced. But on a whole they are the best!! Stay for the food!!!
15.09.2023 14:11
Just wanted to shout-out two MVPs here - I came in on Saturday looking to get some new furniture for my living room. I was hoping to use an IKEA project card that I had just got that morning, but I didn't have the actual card yet. My homies down in the self-service warehouse hooked me up with my temporary card and then went above and beyond and helped me place an order for online delivery. Dude was the kindest soul I've ever met, don't know your name but homie with the yellow shirt and yellow vest. You're great. Then I went to check out and the woman working the register was single-handedly. The funniest person I've ever met. Super friendly, super down to earth, amazing. Wish I knew y'all's names but either way 10 out of 10, if everybody who worked there was like you then, that store would be amazing.
15.09.2023 14:11
Always fun to see the set-ups of rooms. Great value for many different budgets.
15.09.2023 14:11
IKEA in Bolingbrook, IL, is a shopping adventure. The vast showroom displays stylish furniture and home goods. Prices are reasonable, but assembly can be a challenge. The Swedish cafeteria adds a unique touch with tasty meatballs. Navigating the store can be overwhelming, so plan for a few hours. Great for home essentials and inspiration!
15.09.2023 14:10
Lots of walking. Found what I wanted eventually. They need an app where you can type in what you want and it will show the most direct route. I don't always have the time or energy to walk the whole store.
15.09.2023 14:10
Es una tienda super grande y te pierdes (bueno eso me pasó a mi ) también tienwn un pequeño restaurante en la parte de arriba y en la parte de abajo tienen un pequeño snak donde puedes comprar hotdogs y varias bebidas
15.09.2023 14:10
I come to this place once in a while for one specific thing and I always leave with a bag full of stuff. Love this place.
15.09.2023 14:10
Love it here. Definitely hit the food court for a trust worthy meal that’s always good. Don’t skip out on the chocolate layered cake and the pear soda!
15.09.2023 14:09
Very confusing store. I felt like I was trying to solve an escape room. Hard to find people to help. I had to ask other customers how to get to the store exit once I was inside. Check out was the only positive part.
15.09.2023 14:09
I came in on a weeknight an hour or two before close and had to ask a lot of staff members for help because I just can’t function right in ikea. All the staff was SO helpful and so sweet. Actually most of the times they asked me if I needed help, so that was really nice. It was a half hour before closing by the time I checked out and they were even able to pull another order for me that was scheduled for pick up the next day and they were so sweet and patient. I don’t usually go in so close to closing time but o really only had this time to go in and grab what I needed so I appreciate that they were able to go above and beyond to get my pick up order and to be super nice about it because I get that it’s an inconvenience and that’s not how pick up appointments work. I love ikea but it’s so much better coming out with relief when you walk in with the stress of a project and you get guidance and great customer service. Thank you!


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