African Food & Liquor

Chicago, 4158 W Madison St, Chicago, IL


It was nice respectful and very quiet and helpful

I think the service is bad and the way i see them treat people is sicking but they have no problem taking there money they don't give a dam about the community and on top of that they name the store african food and liquor if thats not a spit in the face i don't know what is.

Great deal prices area just not that safe so be careful.

Nice Liquor store, they also have fresh fruit, and a small restaurant inside.

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Reviews about African Food & Liquor

13.10.2023 20:12
Only good for can goods or snacks.
14.04.2023 13:33
The location isn't the best due to outside activities, but they're reasonably okay. Staff was positive and welcoming. Pricing is average, store is clean on the inside, I didn't see any expired food so that's good. If the outside of the store looked as clean as the inside I would've given them another star. They're cool.


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