Allegretti's Bakery

Chicago, 7717 W Lawrence Ave, Norridge, IL 60706

Allegretti's Bakery may be in suburban Norridge, but it has roots in Chicago. Anthony Allegretti was a cook in the U.S. Army during World War II. When he came home in 1947, he took up a baking side gig in his uncle's basement in Chicago, putting out birthday cakes and small wedding cakes.

Allegretti's Bakery specializes in Italian Pastries, Wedding Cakes, Cookies, Sweet Tables, Gelato, Breads and more


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Reviews about Allegretti's Bakery

13.12.2023 23:16
Hands down the best bakery I've been to.
13.12.2023 23:16
Always fresh and delicious baked goods!
13.12.2023 23:15
Had their pumpkin cheesecake pie and was sooo good
13.12.2023 23:15
Reading about the chocolate donuts I had to try them. Been driving past this bakery for many years and finally visited. What a great bakery and the BEST chocolate donuts you will find. Also the best iced twist donut too. These people know their business, the cake in the donut is soft but crisp, and the icing is firm, but smooth and creamy as can be, melts in your mouth! Just the best & worth every penny! Raving fan, great job


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