Artemio's Bakery

Chicago, 3904 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60613


Such an affordable and nice bakery. The variety here is amazing! Really liked everything we got here.

Come here pretty frequently for the conchas.

A classic Chicago panaderia -- perfect location for grabbing some office treats before catching the Red Line.

I’ve been coming to this bakery since I was a little girl and it’s the best baked mexican bread I’ve ever had i love the cuernitos and other white breads. Their concha’s are super soft and fluffy especially when getting them fresh. This place has always been super popular so in order to get nice fresh bread and desserts you need to arrive super early because lines will form especially on the weekend. I have such fond memories of going to this bakery with my parents on a no school day. Would definitely recommend

As Mexican sweet bread goes, it has good choices. Wish it was a little bit bigger with a lot more variety of sweet bread. I guess that's what happens when you come from Pilsen where there's plentiful of bakeries to choose from and you move Way North, and you only find three or four Mexican bakeries. But a good place to go every Saturday and Sunday mornings but you must go early in the morning or all the good bread is gone. Keep note stay away from the lady that's always checking on the bread she is pretty mean, she is short dark hair and she looks like she's always mad, beware stay away from her.

It would be very helpful if they labeled everything. You’re never really sure what anything is and some items are worth skipping.

Pastries and bread are wonderful. But for those of us that are not familiar with the assortment of Mexican pasteries... They should have them individually labeled with the name and the price.

It's been a while since I visited my grandmother. She's living with my Auntie. Since I miss her so much I decided to go visit with her and stay there for one week. I also bought her a lot of presents. Before I go there I want to buy him some bread aside from flowers. She loves bread and when I was a kid we used to eat bread, sandwich and bagel every morning with some milk or coffee.

I went to this shop. It was my second time coming here and I like their bread. There is a lot of bread to choose from. It was kinda hard to choose since all of it tasted really delicious. I bought again the bread that I bought here lastime because it taste so delicious. It was packed in the box. I'm sure my grandma will like this. Can't wait to see her reaction.

I really wanted to give this place one star but the baked goods was very affordable and they were delicious….the reason why i wanted to give Artemio’s Bakery one star was because the lady who worked there treated us horribly. Me and my boyfriend picked out some baked goods and was at the register ready to pay the lady came over and literally gave us this mean look and without even saying “Hi!” She told us what our total was. My boyfriend asked what was in one of the baked goods, she literally ignored him. The worst part was when she realized there was a Latin American person behind us she immediately smiled and said “ Hello, how are you?” in Spanish. We are Asian American and we felt very discriminated and dehumanized. We won’t be coming back!

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Reviews about Artemio's Bakery

13.12.2023 23:19
Low selection of baked goods. The bread was in general dry/overbaked and boring.
13.12.2023 23:19
Bakery and pastries are good but Customer service is bad here. The bread is overly priced for 4 pieces of bread I paid 10$ it’s UNBELIEVABLE.

La panadería y postres están buenos pero el servicio al cliente es horrible en esta panadería. El pan esta carísimo por 4 piezas de pan pague 10$. Es INCREÍBLE
13.12.2023 23:19
Excelente variedad y muy buenos.
18.05.2023 16:46
Good baked goods


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