Best Buy Chicago South Loop

(312) 733-6635
Chicago, 555 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60607

If you are interested in quality electronics at a good price, you have come to the right place. It is in the Best Buy electronics store chain that you will find a great selection of any electrical goods at the best prices.

We have been in this business for many years and know what is best to offer to our beloved customers.

Only original products and excellent service are our style of work.

We are confident that in the USA we make the best deals on buying the best products at the best prices.

Take a close look at our product catalog and make sure that we make the best offer on the US market


Friendly staff would've been nicer if Chaise wasn't the only one at the counter assisting customers, however. Otherwise, Chaise was amazing :)

It's Best Buy... I needed a 3-pronged cord to connect a Dell laptop to it's charger brick that I had inadvertently left at home during a business trip. They didn't have what I needed and had to settle on a universal laptop charger that's the wrong power capacity (65W rather than the 90W), so will be returning the charger device upon my return home. The charger does keep the laptop powered up but doesn't charge the battery.

I enjoy going to this Best Buy because of the large selection and helpful Associates. I have been waited on twice by Associate,, DaMari, from the mobile phone section. He has great knowledge of multiple products, is patient, courteous and kind. Please commend hm for his excellent customer service. He is young and projects a joyful way of living.

After my online purchase was found to be very unsatisfactory, Angel at the south loop store in Chicago, made everything right. Kudos to Angel!

The entire experience was wonderful. Great free parking. Elevator that works. Sales rep took care of me, very knowledgeable about everything

Went to Best buy on Roosevelt near Canal for a simple phone charger. I was directed by the person at the door to the general area. I asked the salesperson in that general area for specific help for my cell phone. He vaguely waved to the area and kept walking to his perch. After trying hard to see my specific charger among the zillions, and grabbing a couple chargers that I only guessed might work, I went back to the same salesperson who was simply standing, doing nothing for more help. As I approached him he told me to go to the cashier, that he doesn't ring up anyting before I could even say what I wanted. I asked him were these chargers compatible and he directed me to the person at the front. That person confirmed their adaptability and I proceeded to checkout which was fine. I couldn't figure out what was wrong because the store was basically empty that late weekday morning and I simply couldn't understand the reluctance to be of any assistance by this particular salesperson. I could have been out the store in half the time had he been willing to help.

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With operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Best Buy is a North American retailer of technology and entertainment products and services with a commitment to growth and innovation.
The Best Buy family of brands and partnerships includes brands such as Best Buy, Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales and Cowboom. Over 150,000 employees apply their talents to help bring the benefits of these brands to life for customers through retail locations, multiple call centers & web sites, in-home solutions, product delivery, and activities in our communities. Community partnership is central to the way business is done at Best Buy. 

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Reviews about Best Buy Chicago South Loop

30.10.2023 22:58
I had an issue with a return that I purchased here because AT&T wouldn’t remove it from my account. I worked with multiple employees here to get it resolved and I have to give kudos to them all for fixing something that was ultimately an issue with AT&T’s system communicating with Best Buy’s system.
30.10.2023 22:58
You have to wait and long line for hours no help from Best Buy Employee. I don't Recommend this store to family, friends, and public.
30.10.2023 22:58
The guy working at the phone kiosk was very polite and demonstrated excellent customer service.
30.10.2023 22:58
Wasted time & money... buy your stuff from AMAZON instead of going here. I showed up almost 2 hours after ordered (which said be ready in an hour)..order still wasn't ready... waited almost another 30 min, and finally, 1 of 2 pieces were ready. It would've been quicker just to come buy it off the shelf. Their customer service folks were just oblivious and sounded like they were reading from a script. They had no clue where it was what to do and rather than ask, fed me some BULL. I knew I should've just got it from Amazon.
Sidenote: While I'm standing at counter.a young guy was spending almost $500 for a Game system... The box looked opened and not sealed the girl at the checkout told him that's how they all come. He was like I don't want to spend all this $$$ for an opened item, she insisted "they all come like that", and rather than let him speak to a manager or show him other sets (if in fact they did come like that), she'd rather Best Buy lose the sale... he told her he didn't want it... SMART MOVE BRUH'! I would've done the exact same thing. I guess unbothered by service and money people still use this place.
30.10.2023 22:57
Extremely disappointing customer service experience. Their primary focus seems to be on making sales, and once the purchase is complete, they show no concern for any issues that may arise. Avoid purchasing LG products at all costs
30.10.2023 22:57
Great store with lots of space and easy parking. Typical best buy selection.
30.10.2023 22:57
I found what I was looking for the service was excellent I will come back,!
30.10.2023 22:56
02.06.2023 13:58
It's a Best Buy, doing what they do with a wide selection and great service.


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