Brooklyn Halal Grilled Chicken & Pizza

Chicago, 10607 S Harlem Ave, Worth, IL 60482

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The Brooklyn style pizza lacks sauce but still tastes pretty good, especially the meat lovers and the prices are very competitive. The grilled chicken plate is amazing. They do have in door dining but it's mostly guys hanging out here so probably not great for a family.

This place has great food, very reasonable prices and the customer service hospitality is awesome !!

It's always hit or miss for me here.

I ordered a pizza half sausage. The other half had sausage too as if it was accidentally thrown on there. I ordered 2 sides: rice and fries. Got double rice no fries. I ordered a chicken but got 4 leg quarters. He asked if I wanted spicey and said NOT Spicy. Rice and chicken was spicy. Pudding & a tiny Salad Almost $52.00. Pudding & Salad  The man who took my order was nice the guy who charged me was nice.

Best ny style halal pizza in the Chicagoland! Pizzas are always freshly made, amazing crispy perfect crust, great sauce, and cheese. Ingredients feel insanely fresh. Pizza is definitely a solid 9.5/10. Wings were okay, 7/10 on the wings. I’ve had the pizza here a good 15-20 times so far and it is as good as the first time I tried it. The chicken and rice Bowl also fantastic! Chicken was grilled to perfection, coming from someone that is very picky with rice, I must admit the rice was amazing as well. 8/10 there!

The wings, the pizza, and the spicy chicken with rice are all amazing. Everytime we order the food is always fresh.

We ordered 2 pizzas. First was a large philly steak pizza and the second was a build your own with pepperoni and mushrooms. First, when ordering, I said I'd like a build your own, and the cashier seemed utterly confused. He said they don't have that. I pointed to the menu where it said "build your own" and he's like oh you want a custom pizza, and gave me a look like it was my fault he didn't understand what I was saying. I asked if they have white sauce pizzas and again, he seemed very confused.

Second issue, there was a sign that said you receive a 3.1% discount for paying with cash. We paid with cash, but they didn't give us any discount. When this issue was brought up, first he tried saying that only works on some other machine and then said we already received the discount, but the price wasn't any different. Finally come to the food, the Philly steak was not good at all. I don't know what the pieces of meat on there were, but they tasted spongy and very unappetizing. The pepperoni on the second pizza was great. They use canned mushrooms, just a side note. That pizza was okay, though. It was edible, and more so with the ranch and garlic sauce they provided upon request. Bonus points for being zabiha halal, but I wouldn't go back. A lot of people were eating the grilled chicken dinner with rice, so maybe that's better, but my experience wasn't optimal.

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Reviews about Brooklyn Halal Grilled Chicken & Pizza

15.12.2023 21:00
Nice little busy place. Not much of a family sitting restaurant but I went there with family and we really enjoyed their cheesy pizza, honey bbq wings, Buffalo wings and whole chicken over rice. Everything was flavorful and menu was fully halal. They stay open till late at night and close to midway airport. Overall food was very good and price wise very affordable.
15.12.2023 21:00
This is going to be poor very nice food I like it everything
18.04.2023 14:05
This restaurant has one of the best grilled chicken and buttery rice.
It is tender , juicy , well grilled and tasty.
They serve it hot direct from the grill which is awesome.
Do give it a try .


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