City Fresh Market

Chicago, 3201 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659


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The best bakery in town !

It’s hard to choose from all the various options but you will never be disappointed in any of them. Best cakes hands down from in IL :)

They have great prices and fresh vegetables and fruit. I can find anything easily. They have verity of Indian and Pakistani ingredients. Some of them are already cooked like ban kabab they are delicious. Only thing I don’t like about this grocery store is that they don’t let us take out the carts. But they do have free parking for customers which is nice because I haven’t since this big parking in Devon with any of the stores. They do charge 10 cents for the bags lol

I like that I can find Romanian products . I go here for the cheese and meats as well but the store is a bit pricy

Great service, good, fresh produce. Very nice place to shop.

Nice food bread european things very nice. But. I needed a refund on something bad and needed to re buy again. Instead i was charged again never got the refund. They were very argumentive did not treat me nice they could keep the extra small cash i feel i was scammed i been a great customer spend a lot all the tme shame on them. Not nice a good owner would have simply gave me back what was owed but its okay how petty

I only gave 3 stars because not everything you buy from here is on a great price but only those items, those are on special sale price. The staff is nice & helping. I usually prefer to buy fresh produces which are on special sale price. Parking is available, no big ques, so usually it's easy in & out.

I love shopping from this store in dealing with customers number one in Chicago, they have the tastiest fruits and vegetables and they have the coolest cake

Discover City Fresh Market!

City Fresh Market is a neighborhood market and the place to go in Chicago for traditional, difficult-to-find foods from Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond. Think more than 15,000 specialty food & drink products on the shelf—also including everyday groceries and many artisan-made specialties that we make in-house daily.

Old World European pastries made-from-scratch at City Fresh with traditional recipes and the best ingredients Difficult-to-find European imports Burek: traditional street food of the Balkans, made at City Fresh with our house-made phyllo dough. A delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Wines & Spirits from Europe and beyond House-made yogurt Slow-roasted pig, goat and lamb (Pecanje) Organ meats House-made specialty meats: Cevapi, Pljeskavica, Sudjuk and more Feast breads (Slavski Kolac) Cakes for any occasion (Torta) Cookies (Kolaci) Vegan specialties House-baked from scratch breads and rolls Freshly prepared salads Specialty cheeses from around Europe and beyond Grass-fed beef and antibiotic and hormone free chickens
Kosher products Our very own pickled cabbage—perfect for stuffing (Sarma) Special orders. You want it? We’ll make it for you or track it down and order it for you. Holiday entertaining specials: Slavas, Christmas, Easter, Passover, Ramadan, Thanksgiving and beyond Everyday groceries, both conventional and certified organic.

That’s what we wanted to offer customers when we built City Fresh Market from the ground up in 2004. We envisioned a place where our parents, who immigrated to Chicago from the former Yugoslavia, could find house-made Cevapi for dinner, Dobos Torta for dessert—and maybe some dried nettle root to prepare an old-world remedy.

Today, City Fresh Market is the place to go in Chicago for the best variety of traditional, difficult-to-find foods from Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond. Think more than 15,000 specialty food and beverage products on the shelf—also including everyday groceries.

Artisanal before it was trendy, City Fresh is about delivering fresh, homemade flavor—and we proudly do not cut corners on ingredients. Every morning in the store, you’ll find our expert bakers making an enticing array of old-world pastries, cakes and cookies, like Puslica torte, Keks cake and Sampita. Be on the lookout daily to catch Bojan making phyllo dough for our house-made Burek. Over in the dairy department, our team is whipping up bottles of healthy, drinkable homemade yogurt. And in the meat department, our butchers are busy roasting lamb, grilling meat and fish while you wait—and making Pljeskavica. Want to make your own traditional plum marmalade? Our produce department stocks Italian prune plums…and gypsy peppers perfect for stuffing…even fresh-from-the-ground horseradish, calabaza, black radishes and chayote.

No, we’re definitely not your average Chicago store. However, we’re still a full-service market. Daily items that you need, crisp produce, a deli, and a specialty wine and spirits section are all part of the City Fresh experience. Not finding what you need? We’ll source it, track it down and special order it for you, all at a great value.

We’re a family-run business, and we proudly run this business for our extended family: our customers. Most of our staff is multilingual, and on a first-name basis with our shoppers. That’s why City Fresh is a regular stop for so many locals: we work to make our market a personal experience that’s as extraordinary as our richly diverse community in the Windy City.

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Reviews about City Fresh Market

15.10.2023 17:02
Great produce, meat dept, deli, bakery, wine/cheese section, ceramic ware, etc. Some of the European dishes u can buy are homemade by Donna. They carry a variety of Euro n ethnic foods, that can't be found at every grocery, aside from the usual. Parking lot gets crowded at times, but there is a free lot for customers across Kedzie. Convenient w wheelchr prking (& entrance). Staff is friendly, helpful. Checkout moves fast; they open another register if lines get long.
15.10.2023 17:00
I love this neighborhood market. They have a good amount of fruit and vegetables that I like and an excellent selection of Fetta cheese and international foods.
15.10.2023 17:00
Didn't have what I'd specifically came in for, but it was nice (if small), and I ended up snagging some fancy salami for lunch.
12.04.2023 13:27
Very nice little European grocery store


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