Ed's Kitchen

Chicago, 3010 Hobson Rd, Woodridge, IL 60517


Ed’s Kitchen, home of the most authentic and freshest Mediterranean cuisine this side of Chicago.

Come enjoy a fast-casual dining experience where you will get to feast your taste buds on some deliciously fresh and nutritious Mediterranean cuisine. You are welcome to dine-in at the restaurant or take your food to-go.

Ed’s Kitchen revolves around its specialty item – the grilled kebab - which is the freshest and juiciest kebab you will find in the community. Other tasty options are also available, such as gourmet salads, hearty soups and sides, like our freshly baked pita bread.

Ed’s Kitchen serves up the most delicious Mediterranean food you have ever tasted. Each bite of kebab meat is cooked to perfection and the large portions are sure to have you coming back for more. Since Ed focuses on sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from his meat to the rice, the menu can change. But, one thing remains the same and that is that he strives to bring his customers the freshest and most seasonal ingredients around.

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Reviews about Ed's Kitchen

16.12.2023 17:39
I had the Lamb Kebob "wrap". The meat was very good. The pickled vegetables they put on it were too salty (no flavor but salt). They put a huge effort into making the meat really good and put some really sub-par topping on it. Fresh veggies would be much better. The main guy seemed really confused about who had what order (Ed?). Could have been a rare weak moment but I noticed it. Two hours later I had an emergency run to the bathroom; I didn't eat breakfast so it wasn't that. Nothing was greasy so I suspect the pickled veggies. You can eat-in (and I did) but it's not really a lot of space; only 6 or 8 chairs and a counter. I also got some falafel pieces and that was pretty standard. I went out of my way because it was recommended to me. I might go back to give it a second chance.
16.12.2023 17:39
I saw the BAM burger on Instagram and drove all the way to Woodridge Illinois just to try it. The burger was juicy and tender but a little too greasy for me due to being partly lamb meat. The taste was great
16.12.2023 17:38
Just had there beef kabob wrap !! This was the freshest , tastiest wrap I’ve ever had , highly highly recommend this spot
16.12.2023 17:38
The food was outstanding! Best burger I’ve had in a long time! The seasoning really made it stand out. The service was friendly! We will be back
16.12.2023 17:38
Hands down, the best burger I’ve had and I have had a lot of burgers. The blend of angus and lamb is perfect and it was cooked so well I couldn’t put it down. Had the Ed’s Special and would definitely order it again. Give this place a try, you will not regret it!


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