International Foods Inc

Чикаго, 4404 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States


I am surprised by the number of negative comments about this store, because contrary to what they say, it is now a nice store to go to, it is better organized, cleaner, more spacious, more comfortable to do our shopping, the staff He is much more attentive, professional and polite. I was able to get products from South American countries, good deals and a variety of meats. Their hours are great because they close later than usual and that allows all of us who leave work late to buy what we need before getting home. Quality and good service.

Excellent place and quality products at the service of the population, may God our Lord bless the new owners and may our Blessed Mother cover them with her sacred mantle so that she may be the intercessor in the great blessings that God has prepared for them

A place with an excellent service, with a lot of variety and always at the best disposal of the clients. A great place full of kindness and affection to all the families who visit it daily to make their respective purchases.

Место с отличным сервисом, большим разнообразием и всегда в лучшем распоряжении клиентов. Прекрасное место, полное доброты и привязанности ко всем семьям, которые ежедневно посещают его, чтобы сделать соответствующие покупки.

A place with a healthy environment, the new owners are working hand in hand with God for the store and its employees so that everything progresses and is a family place

This is great little place, the new owners are working diligently to create a better environment for the customers as well as the employees… Some of these negative review are total lies, due to some customers loyalty to the previous owners… the store was falling apart including what they were selling…Now things are new, nothing is expired, stores smells and looks cleaner on top of all the remodeling they’ve done… I’d give them 10 if I could…prices, are even still good.. remember people this is not Walmart, this is your local convenience store…besides everything has gone up…you think prices are high go shop at Walgreens…

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Reviews about International Foods Inc

18.04.2023 14:29
They're very friendly and very careful when you're looking for something thanks again


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