La Internacional Supermercado

Chicago, 4556 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60609

Mexican grocery store

For over 30 years, this establishment has been serving the Back of the Yards community. It is known for serving, without question, the BEST tacos in the City of Chicago, if not the entire country. This place originated the famous Paco's Tacos

The most interesting reviews

Very large, delicious tacos. Very friendly staff and clean tables.

Food was ok. Service needed to be better. The waiter had to do everything by herself except cook the food.

Me and my son call the tacos BTE. That stands for best tacos ever!

A small but clean supermarket with an option to eat authentic Mexican tacos.

My old neighborhood. I'm 50 now and live in South Suburbs, to this day still come to eat the best Barbacoa tacos here. Proud to pass the tradition down to my kids as my parents did to me

Good vegetables, fair price and good service in the protein area

Everytime i go here when i take it to go they put less cilantro and less onion. I realized because i cant complain cause im alreaxy eating them. Im assuming if i eat in the store theycwill give me generously as i saw the oter people w lots of the cilantro and onion.They charge extra for lemons if you want it as a side.

Ya van varias veces que a los tacos de asada le pasan de sal .no se pueden comer de salados que estan

The absolute best place to grab some tacos plus meats. Highly recommended

Well, I don't like it very much, there aren't that many options, but for Mexicans it's 10...I don't go in much because for people from other countries there aren't that many products, but I don't complain about anything you can get

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Reviews about La Internacional Supermercado

14.01.2024 18:02
Deliciosos pacos tacos adentro del supermercado Internacional, fresh Delicious food clean,friendly service
14.01.2024 18:00
I've heard a lot of great things about the tacos and I decided to stop by today since I was in the area. The tacos were good. Above average but not the best I've had. The meat is well seasoned, and the portions of meat are VERY generous. They offer green and red salsa. The place is very much you get what you get. Customer service was minimal. Just place order, and get your food. You cannot order more tacos at the counter. You have to go pay. I wouldn't drive out specifically for these tacos. I ordered asada and language tacos and tried both sauces. I like that they serve the tacos with slices of lime.
14.01.2024 18:00
Awesome tacos, steak, chicharron, lengua (cow tongue), carnitas. Best tacos. Clean environment, and the people are so humble.
19.05.2023 14:05
The food there is really good personally highly recomend this place.


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