Leamington Foods

Chicago, 5467 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60644

Everyday 08:00–20:00

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I love the merchandise you have things that I can't get from other supermarkets old fashioned things from my mother. She is 84 years. but some of your Items are overpriced. But overall I like the store and I like the customer service.

Great neighborhood store, meets my needs, products are in stock

The cashier was very kind and grabbed me an extra cart for my groceries I truly appreciate y'all customer service in my opinion in our neighborhood that's rare to find so I truly am grateful for the service keep doing good y'all -LOVE

Leamington have everything you need to cook any kind of dish. I will go back again soon.

I love Leamington Foods grocery store great food with a full deli that serve sandwiches for lunch, when you think of food think Leamington Foods.

They have one price in the sale paper and when you get to the store it's a totally different price false advertising

Really nice store with some great prices

One of the only neighborhood stores thay you can find what you need.

I alway go there to get my food to take back home with me, after my Class Reunion. And the cashiers are alway polite.

I don't know what kind of experience you looking for but it's just a grocery store. People were courteous store was playing wheelchair accessible some shells are too high other than that the workers are very courteous

Pretty good variety for a neighborhood grocery store with reasonable and some sale prices. Cashier's could be friendlier. Do not greet, thank you, and barely respond to a greeting or a thank you if at all.

I haven't been here in about 20 years since I moved out of town. The place is very clean with a great variety of Chicago classic foods. I will be back.

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Reviews about Leamington Foods

14.01.2024 18:35
I've shop here for over20 plus years... I have never had a problem. This is the only place on the Westside of Chicago to by southern food.
Hands down the best.
14.01.2024 18:35
It's an okay grocery store, you do find what you're looking for but it's so cold in there I couldn't stay long
14.01.2024 18:34
I like the workers they treat me so nice this store is a good store to shop in
14.01.2024 18:34
A bathroom oasis created by this bathroom remodeling company attention to detail and customer satisfaction at its best
15.03.2023 14:04
I love Leamington Foods grocery store great food with a full deli that serve sandwiches for lunch, when you think of food think Leamington Foods.

Мне нравится отличная еда продуктового магазина Leamington Foods с полным гастрономом, где подают сэндвичи на обед, когда вы думаете о еде, подумайте о Leamington Foods.


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