EURO DELI Richardson, TX

Dallas, 670 N Coit Rd Ste #2360, Richardson, TX 75080

Магазин русских и европейских продуктов

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I liked this store very much. Pleasant owner and friendly staff are always there to help. You can find lots of things which you long for from European countries. Definitely would advise to try their fresh German County bread, cold smoked mackerel, and head cheese (brawn). As they say, it's better one time to see than 100 times to hear. You'll really enjoy this store.

Wonderful store. Mikael and Lev are great. Highly recommend you stop in if you’re in the area.

Покупала лекарства, всё необходимое, что искала, нашлось там. На кассе очень дружелюбный дядечка.

You find all the goodies you would find in Eastern Europe and Russia. But expensive, I mean 10x of what you would find it for over there. But if you don't mind the money then it's worth it because it's hard to find the stuff.....

Good variety of European products. Found good cottage cheese there 

Best deli in Dallas! The best bread, sausage, deli meats, cheese and frozen finds. Heavily ukrianian/Russia foods but everything is amazing  the staff is so friendly and helpful. They feel like my family. Try the forzen perogies.

Лучший гастроном в Далласе! Лучший хлеб, колбаса, мясные деликатесы, сыр и замороженные находки. Сильно украинская / русская еда, но все восхитительно? персонал очень дружелюбный и услужливый. Они чувствуют себя моей семьей. Попробуйте forzen perogies.

Отличный магазин с большим ассортиментом продуктов, обслуживание клиентов очень культурное. Это самый лучший русский магазин в Далласе!

What a hidden gem here in Richardson!! This is a fantastic place to stock up on meats and chocolates at a great price! The owner was so nice to my little 7 year old brother and even challenged him to a "arm wrestle" and let him win a candy! Unparalleled service! Definitely will be coming back!!

Какая скрытая жемчужина здесь, в Ричардсоне!! Это фантастическое место, чтобы запастись мясом и шоколадом по отличной цене! Хозяин был так добр к моему младшему 7-летнему брату, что даже вызвал его на «армрестлинг» и позволил ему выиграть конфету! Непревзойденный сервис! Обязательно вернусь!!

Love their cold cuts. The store has interesting selection of European specialties. A bit overpriced for some but still competitive.

Всегда очень хорошо укомплектован европейскими товарами (в том числе болгарскими продуктами - колбаса, шашлыки, сыр, лютеница, жареный красный перец, соленья, квашеная капуста)! Персонал очень добрый! Я настоятельно рекомендую!!!

Friendly people, clean place. Well stocked for its size, with many interesting eastern European food to take home. I found most items I was looking for. I would recommend to visit this nice place for shopping.

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Reviews about EURO DELI Richardson, TX

13.01.2024 18:21
Best grocery store in Dallas Fort Worth to find Romanian authentic food products ..... excellent services
13.01.2024 18:21
A bit pricey, but it seems good food cost more nowdays. Alas I guess all things must pass. Yes they are gone. Anyone who has missed this place lost out on a jewel. Maybe another can fill the opening left in the market place by them closing. Just thanks for all the holidays you helped me serve old world foods; a fond memory will be of you, and the family.
13.01.2024 18:21
Rare food is available at the store. If you want to try slavic food- you can visit here!
13.01.2024 18:21
Good variety of European food and wine items. Very friendly staff. During holidays it gets too busy and wait time could increase .
16.10.2023 13:18
Great selection of food and deli, always stop by to get European products. The owner is really nice and friendly.
08.09.2023 19:34
I am Liliana origin from Romanian, my husband is origin American and we visit this place from 5 years ago. Very good place for Deli and Grocery European Russian. It's very clean location and fresh food. Owner store is a very serious and professional. Who want to eating something special and good food visit this place. I recommended. Enjoy everyone.
08.09.2023 19:34
Favorite store ever :D. It is a little expensive but it's worth it! People are very nice!
08.09.2023 19:34
Lovely store . Bought Russian honey cake and Rachki cholocates and I loved it
08.09.2023 19:33
This is personally my favorite store coming here in 2015 with my mom now coming here all by myself as a adult feels amazing life sure dose go by fast but this store will always be in my heart ❤️
15.03.2023 12:39
You find all the goodies you would find in Eastern Europe and Russia. But expensive, I mean 10x of what you would find it for over there. But if you don't mind the money then it's worth it because it's hard to find the stuff.....

Вы найдете все вкусности, которые вы найдете в Восточной Европе и России. Но дорого, я имею в виду в 10 раз больше, чем вы могли бы найти там. Но если вы не возражаете против денег, то это того стоит, потому что трудно найти материал.....


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