PetSmart Dallas (N Tollway)

(972) 239-3554
Dallas, 12100 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244

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We love pets, and we believe loving pets makes us better people. That’s one of the many reasons we do Anything for Pets – because they will do anything for us. Anything for Pets is our commitment to pet parents, it’s how we do business and who we are as pet lovers. As the leader in pet care, we make our decisions based on how we can bring pet parents closer to their pets.

From dressing in matching costumes, to finding the perfect treats and toys, we innovate solutions and unique, must-have products to create more ways for pets to be a part of our everyday lives.

Our trusted and skilled associates share the same passion for pets as the pet parents we serve, helping pet parents choose from our offering of the largest variety of pet products and services in one convenient place – in your neighborhood or the palm of your hand. With more than 1,660 locations in North America, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled variety of pet food, treats, toys, and apparel, as well as our services including training, grooming, boarding and more.

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Reviews about PetSmart Dallas (N Tollway)

05.11.2023 19:09
The process organization and website has a lot to be desired but the Grooming Staff are always friendly and take exceptionally good care of our dogs. You can tell they all really love animals and I feel good leaving our dogs in their care.
05.11.2023 19:09
Had my pup go to the day care and boarding center a few times at this location. He ended up developing yeast infection in his ear. Would not recommend this to anyone. He has never had prior fungal infections and the only new thing was the day care center. It’s unfortunate that despite the premium paid the pups are not cared for appropriately.
05.11.2023 19:08
Not the same place I used to go. It was a vibrant place,full of people and excitement. You could find all kinds of food and stuff for your pets !!! Now if you see two workers,it's a lot. Not well stuck, can't find the things I need. It looks kind of sad...
05.11.2023 19:08
I love this store. They renovated recently and omg its so beautiful. The workers are akways friendly and paitent, the enclosures are nice and clean, the animals seem happy and are so cute as always. Except my advice to them is 1) dont put the sryians together they will fight unless if babies its fine temporaily. 2) the dwarfs shouldnt be together eigher but again, not that too big of a deal. 3) add more bedding for the hamsters and mouse, at least get those digging things and put in the corner. 4) yall should add a thing on the website of the exact prices for each store, the exact numbers of the animals yall have, and when you would have ay animal in stock at a certain time
05.11.2023 19:08
To the Grooming Salon : They have rookies working there. The workers are always in a hurry to end the appointment and move on with the next dog. I would not trust this place.


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