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Dallas, 5200 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235

As our community’s public health system, Parkland is the foundation for a healthy Dallas.

That’s why we ask ourselves every day, how can we better serve our patients?

As Parkland adds more services into the neighborhoods that need us most, we know that how we treat each and every patient affects the health and well-being of our entire community.

Patient care is more than our job. It is our passion.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Can’t believe this was the hospital that President JFK was seen at before his death, so sad. But as for the Hospital today it is by far the best treatment center in the Dallas/DFW area. I visited here after being seen across the street at the University of Texas Southwestern Neurosurgery and all I can say is Sow & Thank you. From the Valet Service (which is a must, due to parking conditions). The receptionist at the front door & all the attendees and technicians were super friendly, helpful and compassionate about my needs. There are numerous emergency rooms and hospitals within the DFW area but if you want top notch care and can make it here, this is where you need to be.

I have nothing but nice things to say for this hospital ..I’ve came here for my ACL surgery and my gallbladder & tonsil removal surgery and I was treated with the upmost respect the compassion these doctors and nurses have is truly remarkable!

This hospital is a really good place to deliver your baby. Everybody is doing a great job, they are so friendly and helpful. Everything went so well. Thank you for your wonderful help. God bless this place. For my soul it was a new experience being here after 55 years experiencing this place brought my daughter to Life. God bless this place and everyone who will ever be here. God bless America and it's wonderful people! Thank you so much!

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Reviews about Parkland Health

19.11.2023 19:55
Some of the nurses are condescending. This hospital is ridiculous. Methodist isn't even this frustrating. Wait times are ridiculous. This hospital is a no for me.
19.11.2023 19:54
This hospital was great and award winning when it was white. Now the staff reminds me of the Washington DC mayor who got busted smoking crack and the patients look like they came from the red light district up the street. Pretty much exactly what happened to the west part of Plano.
19.11.2023 19:54
Un Exelente hospital, la atencion de las Doctoras y enfermeras es muy buena; son muy amables
19.11.2023 19:54
I never shared my traumatic experience that I had in 2009... they literally rip the baby monitor out of me and hurt me while doing so and did not bother to apologize afterwards. Some time later, after drs explained i had to have an emergency c section because I wasn't dialating enough and my baby wasn't getting enough oxygen. They put me to sleep and wasn't allowed to have anybody with me like not even in the other room where I am seen in the room thru a looking glass. I losted so much blood that I needed 5 blood transfusions so you should know I was extremely weak and couldn't stay awake during times drs talking to me or when they gave me my baby. I didn't recover for full day and I had nurses aggressively wake me up for my meals and aggressively made me feed my baby when I was at my WEAKEST. They were sooo rude to me and not once did I feel welcome or had support. Made me feel like I was at fault. I was only 16 at the time and I am fully aware that I was young to be pregnant but it was not consent sex so during this time. I really really felt everything was my fault. Before discharging me from the hospital, I had to take some sex Ed class to learn to prevent pregnancy if I didn't go to that class/meeting then they wouldn't release me. While attending to this meeting, I was told my baby would have to be with the nurses until I returned to my room. So when the meeting was over, I can hear a baby crying it's lungs out down the hallway. So I quickly rushed as fast as I could with my stupid now new scar vertically down my stomach praying I wouldn't open it and praying to God that wasn't my baby but sure enough it was my baby crying his lungs out. The nurses were THERE and didn't care. I never felt horrible in my entire life. I believe I needed to share this. Because I never said anything about it and still to this very day it hurts me deeply. I would NEVER recommend this hospital NO MATTER how years have passed, new building or new staff there now is. This is the WORST hospital for child birth
19.11.2023 19:46
Don’t remember the guy name who saw me last night 10/18/2023 5:54 am but worst experience at a hospital. Came to get a breathing treatment because my ashtma had flared up due to weather change. I just moved to Dallas from Atlanta. So the humidity here is different and triggers my ashmta a lot more. Had a Small ashtma attack and ofc I moved here alone I don’t have anyone or help.. so I expected to get it here and the guy tried to tell me the pump and the treatment is the exact same.. when it’s not I’ve had ashtma my whole life. Pumps don’t do what a actually treatment can do. Which is why I ended up in the hospital cause the pump didn’t work! After I told him
That he said they don’t have any treatments that they would need to order them. I feel like he could have just told me that from the start instead of trying to tell me how I feel or my breathing is. I waited up there for 6 hours for nothing. Still feel bad the next day..
19.11.2023 19:46
Everything that I've went to urgent care my wait time is minimal 30 mins. They get me to the back and I'm there for 5 to 6 hours tops
And they get me to the right dept.s. And I'm good. Thanks for all you do.
19.11.2023 19:46
I give it a 3 for the the other two nurses that attended to me were nice but complained to me about other patients. However the etiquette and mannerism of the skinny long curled blonde girl dressed in all pink today 10/21/23 , I'm not sure if she was a receptionist or what but she was in the ER with the Spanish speaking woman receptionist when I was there at 12:40am she was very rude and unprofessional. She was cursing and using profanity. Complaining about some beeping noise. I'm in disbelief that she was behaving in such a manner. I know that behind closed doors this type of language is used but unacceptablein the public eye. She was mocking other nurses when they called the patients names and speaking very rudely about the people that didn't come up when their names were called. I'm very displeased with her attitude. She was aggressive and I'll mannered. Very distasteful. She needs a major attitude adjustment and should be reminded that you are a health care worker and needs to maintain certain level of professionalism. These young workers are completely out of line.
19.11.2023 19:46
The WORST of all WORST Hospitals I have ever been to in my 50 years on this earth, Please whatever you do, make sure you bring a blanket and a pillow and some food to eat because you are deafly gonna be here at least 10 hours. This is no exaggeration real talk these people don’t care about how your pain is. They determine their self if you are in a bunch of pain, if there’s other people they can get in front of you they will put the people in front of you. They determine your pain you don’t.
19.11.2023 19:45
I loved the lady at the front desk! Caucasian, strawberry blonde hair. Great advice on probiotics and there value. Take in was easy. I expected to be waiting 4 hours. It was only 1 hour 45 minutes! Doctor trainee was very professional. Didn't flinch at all! Strep throat is contagious and he was like professional caring and took time hearing my pain. I was absolutely blown away by parkland. It makes me cry right now on this random survey to remember that I was sick and in pain and Parkland staff took absolutely wonderful care of me. I will never go anywhere else.
Information about your insurance was awesome as well. Got the paperwork from a paperwork lady and she was really knowledgeable thorough and patient
19.11.2023 19:45
Worst ER visite. Still here after 7 hours and no help . The staff is slow and would rather joke around and talk insted of helping people and doing there job. There is no reason for it to take this long to prescribe a antibiotic for a infection.


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