Octopus Falafel Truck

Philadelphia, 8 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

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You’ll probably hear Gus blabbing about this while he’s preparing your or someone else’s food, but his food is fresh, authentic, carefully prepared, and better than most anything you can get in an expensive restaurant. It’s pretty simple here: $10 gets you charcoal grilled chicken; maybe falafel, if his fryer is working; and anything else Gus feels like adding. Maybe it’s farro and grilled strawberries, maybe it’s vermicelli and roasted grapes. There will be a wait but it’s worth it. Cash only, no cards, no exceptions to any of his rules.

I stopped at this food truck after seeing a YouTube video about how good the food is and I was not disappointed!

The man running the cart obviously takes great care in creating these meals. The food was well cooked, well seasoned, and truly a delicious bite. You can tell the food is prepared with quality ingredients. It’s also a great healthy option that includes fruits and veggies in a way that is an absolute treat to eat. While all of this is obviously quite great, what has really blown me away is the portion size you receive and the value of the plate. One plate alone provided lunch for me and then dinner for both myself and my partner. None of the three meals this plate made were small either. It feels like a steal to get this much high quality food for the price. While the wait may be a bit longer than some other options in the area and the cart is cash only, the quality is far superior and well worth it. (It also isn’t /that/ much longer of a wait) If I can offer some advice to those going to this cart, bring a bag to carry the container in if you’re walking about/back to an office/to another location. The container is large and quite heavy (again! A crazy amount of food!) so bringing a bag if you’re on the go would likely be helpful. I’ll be bringing one next time! Also, be sure you have a plan for utensils and beverages as the cart doesn’t provide them. This is truly a great food cart and I can’t wait to return to see what is being served next time!

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Reviews about Octopus Falafel Truck

18.12.2023 21:40
I waited so long for this truck (which only takes cash by the way)... and it was worth it. Worth every penny, every minute of the wait. Love live octopus falafel truck!!!
-- Edit : price increases here are insane considering it's a food truck with no available seating. It rose from 10 to 15 late 2023, then from 15 to 20 within 2 weeks. Not sure what his reasoning is. Also, I think he likes making people wait. Is it a power trip? Definitely never going back.
18.12.2023 21:40
Relly taste food on the street in philadelphia
18.12.2023 21:39
This is a special place. Amazing experience. Amazing food. I love not having to choose what to eat. Gus is very special, he is passionate about his process and the high quality which he always delivers. I think Gus is an idealist who decided long ago to commit to his passion for his amazing food truck. This type of thing is rare and it's a privilege to eat here.
18.12.2023 21:39
Highly recommend. Definitely come back for more


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