Walmart Supercenter Philadelphia

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Philadelphia, 1675 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148


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The most interesting reviews

Yes it has changed everytime I come in there the isles are different and I was surprised about the self check isles all in all its ok

Clean and organized had everything I needed and open late which is helpful

i like the store. But i dont like the manager man there. HE DOESN'T HELP AT ALL THE CUSTOMER when price tag was mistake on dining table. He said there is nothing i can do. But there is one supervisor came help him up. Finally it changed. He better not be a manager if he doesn't what to do.!!

Like every Walmart they got it all food, clothes and electronics

It's super busy there, a little unorganized some isles had stuff all over the place, the workers we're very busy putting stuff away but not easy to help you look for certain stuff, the cashier's was okay, the guard at the door that checks your he was kind of rude

The most disorganized disaster I’ve seen in a while. I tried calling the store for 6 hours straight with no answer from any department. I needed to check and see if anyone had turned in my wallet after I had lost it somewhere at the store earlier that day and there was no possible way to get through via phone. When I finally gave up and made the 45 minute drive back down there, I was unable to get anyone from “Customer Service” to check for me. After noticing the collection of tweaked out creatures walking in and out of the store, I concluded that my wallet had likely been scooped up by one of the scab ridden zombies they call customers.

This is a great place to shop. They have anything I need. I've lost my cellphone at the restroom and the wallmart lady gave it back.

Picking up groceries or in-store shopping, I've never had a bad experience with the staff here. If something is out of stock, I'm notified and able to make changes right away.

Stocked with products but all employees act like doing a job is such a bother to them. Forget going to McDonald's in the store they practically do less than before COVID. You order your food and pay at a kiosk machine.

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Reviews about Walmart Supercenter Philadelphia

07.01.2024 15:26
I found everything I was looking for, even during the holiday season, keep up the good work, Columbus Blvd.
07.01.2024 15:26
Nice store shelves are fully stocked employees are helpful and friendly.
07.01.2024 15:26
Love this place, line are long but the cashiers are very pleasant. I still walk out with a smile. Four thumbs up
07.01.2024 15:25
Regular Walmart. Customer service a little weak but otherwise no problem with it.
07.01.2024 15:25
I've never been in this place without the lines being super long and only about three registers being open they have self-checkout but they only open a little at a time which is very frustrating
07.01.2024 15:24
Un market ok în care găsești tot ce vrei în materie de alimente!!
31.05.2023 13:28
- great location
- ample free parking
- lowest prices around (lower than Target)
- speedy (self) checkout


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