Addis Ababa Restaurant and café

Phoenix, 3527 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85019


I so wanted this restaurant to be good. I asked for Siga Wat, was clear that I was looking for beef in Bere Bere sauce and unfortunately what I got was a beef dish with bell peppers and rosemary, no Bere Bere sauce. So disappointing.

Waited for some one to come out the kitchen to take my order, I could see them from the front bar and I had just tried to enter from the wrong door and been redirected so she should have known I would be coming in the streetside door..anyways sat on bar stool and watched the two women in the kitchen talking to eachother and ignore me as minutes ticked away. Several men were seated in the dining room/bar area. I felt like

I had wandered into a strangers living room and invisible ? Finally I called the resturant that I was in to get thier attention and a woman came out the kitchen to answer the phone by the counter. I hung up my phone and told her it was me calling and I wanted to order some food. Go figure they didnt have the beef samosas advertised. By now I dont want their food anyways. It did smell like the were cooking something good back there but the lack of hospitality is making this a no for me

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Отзывы про Addis Ababa Restaurant and café

18.05.2023 15:26
This is a little hole in the wall type of place. But the food is delicious.


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