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Chapman Hyundai Phoenix recognizes your time is valuable, as such we offer the complete line of Hyundai cars, hybrids and SUVs all in one place. Conveniently located at 999 W. Bell Rd., Phoenix, AZ, we serve the greater Phoenix area and are your source for Hyundai vehicles, service, parts, and accessories. In addition to selling new vehicles, Chapman Hyundai Phoenix offers Certified Used Hyundai's, as well as other pre-owned vehicle makes and models. We are certain you will find our customer service is superb, our technicians highly qualified, and our sales staff respectful of your time and budget. 



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Reviews about Chapman Hyundai Phoenix

23.12.2023 18:34
Great experience! Mark was very helpful and informative. Best of all, it was one of the quickest car buying experience I've ever had!
23.12.2023 18:33
Our salesman Ruben Sanchez was great throughout the whole car buying experience. I had not been to a car dealership in over 40 years, and they made me feel relaxed and glad to buy a car from them. Everyone was very nice and helpful and a large inventory of new and used vehicles.
09.11.2023 15:16
I was TERRIFIED to start car shopping in this economy. And it was a long two weeks but when I finally walked into the value center across the street, Miguel was AMAZING. From start to finish! Not to mention all the people in service, specifically Justin and Joe, top notch! I am so so pleased with my buying experience from them. I appreciate everything they got situated for me
09.11.2023 15:16
Couldn’t have been happier with the service at Chapman. A confusing problem with my EV which they figured out Joe was terrific to work with.
09.11.2023 15:16
Highly recommend Kira as your salesperson. Great communication, easy transaction.
Kevin the sales manager went above and beyond to make sure my buying process was smooth. Great job guys
09.11.2023 15:16
Horrible experience with service. I had my Hyundai Elantra towed there for a repair. They gave me a quote for $687, and I accepted that quote amount and asked them to go forward. After my insurance went down there and did an estimate, I called Hyundai to schedule pickup of my vehicle. The service person told me they changed my owed amount to over $1400 because "that's what the insurance quoted", and they use their pricing. They already did the repair without my permission at the $1400+ price, and demanded that I paid that amount, even though I ONLY agreed to the $687. After being transferred to the "service director" Justin, I had a very heated argument on the phone with him where he accused me of being "greedy and wanting to pocket the extra insurance money", as if HE wasn't trying to rip ME off. He then lied and told me that it's "the rules of insurance" for them to charge me the amount that insurance quoted. I told him I did not authorize the repair at that amount, and that I also called my insurance and asked them about the situation. Insurance told me that I have the right to take my vehicle anywhere for repair, and that if I wanted, I don't have to have anyone do a repair, I could just keep the money myself. So why did Justin lie and tell me that I am OBLIGATED to pay them the amount that insurance quoted? Insurance sent the check to ME. They did not pay Chapman directly. So it's my decision, not theirs.

After this argument, Justin threatened to call my insurance and tell them to cancel my insurance check since I told him I'm not paying him the amount he's holding my car hostage for. I then called my insurance, who told me that he cannot do that. Eventually, the original service person "Joe" called me back and told me they "fixed the issue" and that the price is back down to the original $687. After reviewing my insurance's estimate sheet, Insurance paid me out for 4-5 different services. Chapman Hyundai only did one of the services on the estimate, but tried to claim the check for doing ALL of the services.

What a joke, how many poor old people does this dealership rip off, threaten, and verbally abuse every single day to get extra money for no extra work? All of them. Not to mention I wouldn't be surprised if they do other shady deals behind the scenes. Every time the service guys call me, their phone number is "restricted" so I can't see the number they are calling me from.
09.11.2023 15:15
I had a great experience at Chapman buying a new Ioniq 6 working with Shane Simonelli. He was really easy to work with, I never felt pressured and when a refund check I was supposed to get (long story) wasn't showing up in the mail, Shane hung in there and helped make sure the check got to me. I also worked with Mike Cialdella who was also super helpful, especially helping solve the refund issue. Thanks again Shane and Mike! We're loving the Ioniq 6!
09.11.2023 15:15
Just had my hyundai elantra serviced here for a new battery. Dominic was my advisor and helped me out tremendously. He was super attentive to my questions, and very patient with me. Thanks Dominic for the great service and being so nice. I'll be back here for any service related issues
09.11.2023 15:15
Had the software updated in my 2018 Hyundai Elantra yesterday and a brake light bulb replaced. Dropped my car off at 7 and was able to pick it up around noon. Was kept informed as to what was going on by text and phone calls. Very impressed with the efficiency in their service.
09.11.2023 15:15
Tim gets 5 stars all the way around. They disclosed a little late that the car was previously crashed, other than that he was great and patient.

We were ready to sign and make a deal, and out comes Kevin, the general sales manager. Kevin was clearly irritated, angry and even tried to lecture us on our “outdated” negotiation tactics and the car market. He could have just shaken my hand and said we can’t meet in the middle. He chose to try and make a point, which instead looked like he managed down on his salesman in front of us tonight.

This made for a poor experience overall. Do better by the customer and the team.
09.11.2023 15:14
My daughter bought her 1st car! Unfortunately we've had some issues with it and they are telling the her that the warranty doesn't take affect until a month later. Since then she's had even more issues. I feel bad for her, she's young and they took advantage of her.
09.11.2023 15:14
They got me in and out quick unlike the other Hyundai dealerships who had me on a 4 week wait then said they never ordered parts for the recalls and had to call me back in 2-3 weeks when they come in. Never called me back. Jaime in service got me in 2 days after I called and got my car back that same day. Very friendly and keeps you informed the whole time. If I need anything I’m calling Jaime at Chapman Hyundai!
09.11.2023 15:14
My son purchased a used vehicle from this dealership, but only after a terrible experience. It was my sons first purchase of a car on his own, made the deal, was pre-approved for a loan thru our credit union and thought all was well. Mr Deporter, the general manager, called my son and told him that the car was listed for the wrong price, that it should have been $5k more, and that they were voiding the offer and re-listing the vehicle. My son said they had a signed contract that was a legal document and that he was going to call the Attorney General's office about this. My son put the call on speaker with his boss listening, and Mr Deporter said "If you pay $1000 more, we will sell it to you." Unbelievable!! He went up there Saturday morning, after losing sleep over this hassle, only to be told that the General Manager would call him on Monday and discuss it with him. The car was listed again, but was evidently not shown to anyone that weekend. The manager called him and told him the car was his, just bring the check from the credit union up and he can drive it home. He did just that, after he stopped at a gas station, they didn't have the decency to fill his tank up. I sent an email the them but got no reply.
My advice, stay away.
09.11.2023 15:14
They had amazing customer service. The process was easy. The woman greeting had great attitudes. I would recommend anyone to them


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