Da Vàng Restaurant

Phoenix, 4538 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

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My children love it, if it were for them every day they would like to eat there, the food is delicious and the service is very good!!

I walked in and it's was standing room only, but I only waited 10-15 minutes after ordering and got my food. It was very good quality and super tasty. It fed me for two days!

I started with shrimp spring rolls, perfectly rolled and delicious. I had crunchy rice noodle w mixed veggies and seafood and beef. It was amazing. The place is simple, but the food supersedes the atmosphere. The staff was courteous and attentive. I am definitely returning.

Services is classic that you would expect in a while in the wall authentic Vietnamese place. Can be jarring to people who aren't used to it. But the good was great, and affordable. Definition going back

Food is great, prices are great, workers are kind, and been eating here for a long time.

I recommend this place!

8yrs and counting. This place never disappoints. Definitely the best Pho spot in all of Phoenix. If you disagree your taste buds are failing you or you don't know any better. Amazing place to go with family and friends. You have to try their lemonade. Service might need a little help but hey as long as my order is good I can oversee it. Keep being amazing.

I visited Phoenix from out of town and found this restaurant on google map. The pictures don't look appealing but I had to give it a try due to the amount of good reviews. My oh my... my husband had the $15 for an Extra Large Combo Pho (XL) and I had the Beef Stew Pho XL (Pho Bo Kho) ... great flavor and so cheap compared to where I live. I will definitely come back here when I visit Phoenix again.

On a side note: this is a true authentic asian place, so don't expect "service" here. The elderly are just doing what they can so please be patient and don't expect much. They're nice people.

We were in Phoenix for two days for the first time. We came here for lunch on our first day and then, we had to come back on our second day because it was so good.

The owner was so nice and the food is just excellent!! We would say this meals made our trip. Very special place.

Always busy, but we know why. Best and fast service vietnamese food! Everything on the menu is good. I've been going there for over 15 years. Well established and delicious

Overall a great spot for Vietnamese food. I'll start with the minor complaints. Table didn't have napkins nor spoons and I never got the side for my pho (basil, sprouts, cilantro etc.). When I went it was REALLY busy so it's understandable that things happen and overall it's really minor -I never made an effort to ask for the napkins, veg etc. because I didn't mind.

On to the good stuff. Pho was on the more mild side but really really well balanced in flavor. Very nice aromatic broth and thick pieces of fatty brisket. Delicious. The bánh mì was also really tasty with soft French bread, fresh crispy cucumber and delicious BBQ pork. I also had a nice experience sharing a table with a local who mentioned it was one of his two favorite Vietnamese restaurants in Phoenix. I thought this place was going to be all hype but I was pleasantly surprised even with the high expectations.

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Reviews about Da Vàng Restaurant

16.12.2023 16:50
Best in Phoenix been going here for years the food is still as good as the first time I went!!!

Still amazing! Altho the tables are nicer menus are nicer the food is still the same down home comfort food
16.12.2023 16:49
This one was not our favorite Pho in Phoenix but it was decent and the staff was friendly.
16.12.2023 16:49
Great food and great prices. I eat here a lot.
16.12.2023 16:49
Delicious hole in the wall with amazing food that's so well priced. It's a favorite monthly stop for us!
16.12.2023 16:49
The food is amazing! I had the #38, which is shrimp, vermicelli noodles, and veges. Also lime. The staff are nice enough and keep very busy. The tables and restaurant is clean. I have been there before and will go again!
16.12.2023 16:49
This a very clean place, food had good flavor, atmosphere was ok a quite place nothing extra to create a better amviroment. Service hos a lot of opportunities we were taken care of with politeness but never checked with us after our food was served. I could have used a refill on my water.
16.12.2023 16:48
Love the Pho here! I go with the meatball and meat Pho or the lemon grass chicken with some fried egg rolls. I’ve been coming here for years and can tell you the sandwiches are really good as well. I’ve seen them grow from one suite to 3 suites now! Amazing job owners! You guys are great and wish you many many more years to providing our valley with top notch Vietnamese food! Thank you!
18.04.2023 14:50
Amazing taste and very consistent. Great service! Try the Beef Rib Pho!


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