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hard to give big box a 5.. its generally inconvenient and it's always basically do it yourself. Even check out. When you stumble over an employee there nice especially in garden. A pleasent face smile goes a long way

Staff is very friendly, helped with what I was looking for, got everything I needed

Today I went to Lowe's in search of spray paint. Looked around for a nice color. Asked Jeremy, MST, who was stocking the merchandise at the time, for his advice. After a short conversation with Jeremy he pointed out that they had spray paint on sale for $0.50. they needed to remove some of the older spray paints in order to bring in the new merchandise. Jeremy was very helpful kind and professional. Totally made my day. Thank you Lowe's Home Improvement for hiring such courteous and wonderful employee.

I went during the day on a weekday so I was able to get prompt help in the lumber department getting a 1 foot by 8 foot board to the cutting saw. The technician at the daw was able to cut it to my specifications that I drew and brought in as a letter sized blueprint. Good service.

Mike in tools was really helpful.. went beyond customer services.. had a problem w a power tool... not once but twice.. 2 different stores.. he came through and helped an American working man..!!! Thanks Mike @ 19th ave and baseline lowes in phoenix.

Had all the products I needed. Wider selection than the Bell ave. location with friendly staff.

Buenas cosas y precios. Y muchas especiales todo el año

Curbside usually quick, but not today. 25 minutes later still waiting.

And aren't curbside parking for curbside pick up. Ppl think they can just take up all these spaces. Corey B. Thanks for nothing

Thanks Lowes, the young who helped us was very polite and knowledgeable about your products. I hope all your customers have the opportunity to meet him.

The employer told us they didn't had the appliances we wanted but that they had them in the store in Tempe got the Tempe store and they say they didn't had them in stock well the guy in baseline Lowes said they did so it was a bit of a drive to find out they didn't have them

Usually when I park at home depot I worry about the contents of my vehicle for some reason at Lowe's I don't feel that way so I prefer it over home depot just for that very reason

Went here to buy some paint, the whole ordeal was super quick. Great big display off all sorts of colours, and then the guy mixing the paint was very quick and helpful and forward. He made our paint super quickly. The cashier was also very friendly and helpful. Great experience

Well only took me about 15 minutes to find someone to help me because they don't have Plumbing in the store I was in up on a big sign telling you where it's at and it took me 15 minutes to find somebody to guide me to where I needed to be other than that once I found someone everything was great


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Reviews about Lowe's Home Improvement Phoenix

26.09.2023 15:01
Amazing how you can spend 20 minutes looking for pocket hole screws and not run across one Lowes associate to help you.
26.09.2023 15:01
Wish the staff on the floor wouldn't hide cause ya never can find help.
26.09.2023 15:00
Awesome, as always! Nice, friendly, and knowledgeable employees. In and out pretty fast with a variety of supplies.
26.09.2023 15:00
I just found out yesterday but Lowes has decided to no longer sell liquor and smokes in the hopes to become a national home improvement superstore. The only thing that wont change is their paint huffing humidor.
26.09.2023 15:00
I'd like to take a moment to to give a Lowe's employee recognition for his excellent work. We purchased a generator. It was on the very top shelf above of the generators. Vincent, Supervisor in the paint department came along with a huge lift, went about 20' up and managed to maneuver this 175 lb generator off of the shelf and lowered it down very carefully. It was amazing. He also helped us load it on to our truck.
Excellent job Vincent
Thank you Lowe's for hiring such a professional employee.
26.09.2023 15:00
Great store!! Even better staff!!! Super helpful and knowledgeable!!
13.05.2023 15:39
Great customer service!


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