Phở Thành Restaurant

Phoenix, 1702 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015

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This pho place was a cool surprise! I went with a friend first, then my partner when I realized they had great pho! Its right next to a boba tea place as well. I had the classic beef pho while my partner had the seafood medley, along with some spring rolls. Everything was flavorful, hot, and prepared so well and beautifully too! The broth was amazing, and everything was cooked well inside. I loved that we got a plate of various toppings too! You also get very good sized portions for the price, so if you want a nice big bowl of pho that won't hurt your wallet, this place is great for that. I can't wait to try the rest of the menu too. I will say this place gets very, very busy so make sure you come at a good time. Their menu can be quite overwhelming, but going with the classic beef pho with spring rolls is a safe choice.

This place has quickly become one of my favorite pho places. I live in Tempe with much closer places and go out of my way to come out here. I always get the number 12 pho with sliced beef. I spend about 25-30 for two people. It’s delicious and I always leave feeling stuffed. The staff is very direct and leaves you alone for the most part. Also their Saigon crepe is awesome!

Having passed this place a few times over the years I finally stopped in and it was great. It’s hard to find good pho in downtown and central Phoenix but this place definitely hit the spot. The pho was flavorful and there was plenty of brisket in it. The staff was friendly and very fast. It was a great price for the amount of pho you get. Would recommend for anyone looking for authentic pho.

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Reviews about Phở Thành Restaurant

19.12.2023 15:42
Delicious Pho! Best Broth I've had so far.
19.12.2023 15:39
Authentic pho, awesome Bahn mi and really good fried rice! My favorite bowl of Pho in Phoenix!
19.12.2023 15:39
I have been attending this restaurant for over 10 years and i love it
19.12.2023 15:38
Food was delicious. Service is TERRIBLE. I ordered a soda with my meal and never got it. I asked the waiter TWICE for my drink and he scoffed at me the first time and ignored me the second time. He never refilled our waters even though I asked him. Then, to top it all off, they tried charging me for the soda that I never received.
19.12.2023 15:38
Best I've found in Central Phoenix. Even the schmancified, more expensive Basilic on McDowell can't compete for quality and flavor.
19.12.2023 15:38
Cashier did not want to give receipt to my daughter. Cash payment was made and was just rang with out receipt.
Until, I adamantly asked for the receipt.
Hello, Phoenix City business bureau please have a tax auditor at the restaurant...
19.12.2023 15:38
Variety of strange meats, large menu, good soup. Would definitely go back. Plus there's an asian market next door which is p cool
19.12.2023 15:36
HIGHLY recommend for authentic Vietnamese food! The service can be a bit slow during rush hours but well worth the wait. Their dishes are also priced right. I'll come here anytime I need a taste of home and don't feel like attempting to make pot of pho. Recommend the pho fillet but honestly, the regular pho is delicious as is. It just depends on if you want a higher cut of meat.

I haven't tried all of them yet but they also offer a plethora of diverse/other traditional Vietnamese dishes.


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