Banfield Pet Hospital Phoenix

(602) 249-3100
Phoenix, 1745 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015


First time we went to take our pet there great customer service!

Only good thing was the front office staff was nice. Feel ripped off! After waiting a month for an appointment with Dr. Dana Robinson to be seen for rabies vaccine, allergies, and to look at a spot on my dogs back i agreed to pay $160 for the visit. all that was done was rabies vaccine. Never got to speak with the Dr. Robinson as my dog was taken to the back and brought back to the lobby after. You would think for a month wait and $160 I could be brought into an exam room with my dog and then have a consult or some level of summary provided by the veterinarian. Guess I have to pay for another appointment to get my other concerns addressed (allergies, spot on back). I can say this it won’t be here. Don’t care to come back. Oh wait she forgot to sign the rabies vaccination certificate guess I have to. Rushed, missed concerns, and over priced.

I swore to never bring another animal to this place. However, I recently rescued a dog who desperately needed dental attention and they had the earliest available appt and most affordable pricing. So, I thought I would try again after a few years.

I was told to bring him in the morning, the procedure would take 30 min and they would monitor him for 2 hours after. great. I dropped him off at 9, they did not even START the procedure until around 4:30 pm, when I showed up at 6pm (closing time), they said he was good to go. How is that safe or quality care to send him home before the 2 hour period? I received no updates during the day, in fact I had to call myself to check. Nobody notified me or asked permission to extract the 4 teeth that they did. News to me when I picked him up. I asked for an operation report or some kind of documentation on what they did, and was looked at like I had 3 heads to ask for this. If it wasn't for the schedule and the price, I would have never chosen this corporate-run hospital that has the worst customer service and patient care skills. Choose a private practice and save yourself the headache. Your babies deserve better <3

This place is pure chaos! Do not take your pets here. This team is so negligent of your pets and have no type of order whats so ever. What’s the point of having a portal if all the information on there is wrong? On the ban-field portal My dogs birthday is way off and they weighed her in front me and somehow she’s 5 pounds heavier than she actually is. I have no faith that they’re actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing when you drop your pet off. You can never get ahold of anyone to Schedule appointments because they’re always so understaffed. Not to say, waiting an additional 30 minutes in line to check in for your appointment that you’re now late for. Shoutout to one of the banfield nurses who told another person in line that If you don’t tell banfield of any issues they simply won’t check for it. So much for comprehensive exams. I would steer clear guys!

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Reviews about , услуга Banfield Pet Hospital Phoenix

12.10.2023 13:16
I’ve had Banfield for about 12 years with my dogs, so I love the service. But this location is always closing early! Website and voicemail says they close at 6 p.m., but it’s usually close when I call before that time. It’s 5:14 right now, and they’re already closed. Either please update the hours, or look into why this location is closing early, reducing service hours.
14.05.2023 12:25
Just awesome Banfield cares for your pet they answer all concerns no matter how small the issue very professional as well


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