Zinc Brasserie

Phoenix, 4553 Sky Hbr Blvd #4493, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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Great food and attentive service. We got a table right away and the server was there right away. Great place for a quick tasty meal.

Prior to getting through security to the terminal, you have to deal with TSA agents. I put this in here because I want to preface how I felt at the Brasserie. I had an unusually good experience with the TSA group and complimented them. One told me, "Well, we're America's friendliest airport."

"Wow!", I thought, looking forward to the rest of my experiences waiting for a flight. While waiting, my wife and I decided to explore our dining options and find more comfortable seats to wait in than those at the gate. We found the Zinc Brasserie and thought, Why not? Here's why not. From the moment we walked into the place, it seemed we were an inconvenience.

The hostess had to take time from standing with her arms crossed, sulking, to see what we might possibly need. When she found out that we actually wanted a table, rather than to sit at the bar, she sullenly huffed and ordered us to, "Follow me." It was so obviously full of attitude that my wife and I exchanged a look and exclaimed loudly, "Wow. Ok then." She put the menus on the table and basically pointed out where she thought we should go then walked away without any response to our gratitude. Once seated, we decided to look at the menu, not realizing we had just missed breakfast by minutes - my fault. Our waitress came over to take our order, informing me that we had missed breakfast - not a big deal - but starting the process over. My wife asked for some information about the French Onion Soup. The waitress said, "Like what? It's this big by this big and it's salty. I love it when customers ask about the French Onion soup and then complain about it being salty. French Onion soup is salty." I wasn't aware that we needed a critique about the customers and their audacity in asking questions about the food. She walked away to give us more time to think.

That was enough time for us to decide that the prices they ask for their food did not justify the attitude that you had to endure to eat it. In fact, you would have thought that I'd walked into a Michelin starred French restaurant where the featured language (and attitude) was French. Silly me. Airport restaurants that make their money on overcharging traveling customers should probably realize that what they are selling is actually a service, not a product. It's customer service and they missed the mark in a huge way. As I walked away, I made sure to inform the "hostess" that her table was open again. I didn't stick around to see if she uncrossed her arms and took any action, or just a deep huffing breath maybe.

They rescued us from a flight delay of 6 hrs. We were too cheap to buy our way into a lounge, so we hiked to Zinc Brasserie. It was worth the trouble, a very comfortable booth, the food was delicious, and the service was good. I will be back.

While it was very tasty, the Mac and cheese came out slightly smaller than I was expecting. The chicken sandwich had surprise fries, but it was a very lean cut which left it slightly dry.

Food was sub par and not at all worth the 22.00 for it. Also didnt have great options for the 4.50 tea. Made a mistake by not going to my usual spot. Oh it's always good to try new spots.

The ham in the Mac and cheese in lunch meat. The fries were cold and from the bottom of the fryer. The server was great though.

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Reviews about Zinc Brasserie

23.12.2023 00:18
They've reduced the menu by at least 2/3. Unless you stir at the bar, you're limited to their specialty cocktails and beers on tap. (Menu items only)
23.12.2023 00:18
The food was good and they had a decent bar- it’s a fun atmosphere to be at when you’re waiting for your flight.
23.12.2023 00:18
Had the big breakfast - scrambled eggs, ham, croissant, $22. This was by far the worst meal I have had in a long time. I have done better with free breakfasts offered in low end hotels. The eggs were obviously powdered or something similar - rubbery, tasteless & dry. The ham was good. Coffee was passable, no refills, $5. Service was quick but indifferent. I will look elsewhere for food in future.
24.04.2023 13:03
Located in Phoenix airport. Had a very good Pork Belly baguette sandwich.


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