AT&T Store Ala Moana Center

Honolulu, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd Space 1240, Honolulu, HI 96814


Im here at the alamoana location now. Ive been with att for over ten years and am technolocically challenged. My 32 g phone is full so my friend bought me a moto with 64 son passed on friday and i am concerned about loss of pics in the transfer. They wont help me. Said no tech support here told me to go to best buy. Both phones are att. Im pretty upset.

Twice, within a week, I've had to go in and found my interactions with the staff to be very unprofessional and not up to the caliber for handling high value services and merchandise transactions. It was not just this two recent occurrences. It have been this way for years and unfortunately, it has taken me this long to speak out about it. However this store has been managed, they are not hiring the right people and not training them as well. Not only that, they look so sloppy and hard to tell they are even employees.

Going forward, I will do my best to avoid this store. Instead, I'll go online, call their customer service line (which has always been very helpful and professional) or go to the Kapahulu branch where I have always found their staff to be good. AT&T really needs to take a hard look at this store as it is not a good representation for the company and brand.

Eric was absolutely amazing! He was so patient and was willing to help with everything! His customer service is above and beyond from any experience I have ever had with ATT. His knowledge and kindness will ensure we will always stay with ATT and return to this location!!

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Reviews about AT&T Store Ala Moana Center

01.06.2023 14:25
The service was great. Shane assisted me in purchasing a phone and accessories. Wonderful customer service.


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