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Lowe's has ever good merchandise, but customers service not so great, very poor, at being in business for 55 yrs, customers service is very important to get work, know customers know business,

Good hardware store. If you can’t find something at Home Depot, you might find it here.

Customer service crew was on it today! I had an online order for decking material scheduled to be delivered to my house on April 26th. Two days before this scheduled date, I received an email stating that delivery had been rescheduled and set for June 18th! The product that I ordered online had stated that it was in stock on site as well. Being a time sensitive project, I went into Lowes to cancel the order and see that could be done about it. The Staff working today helped me out, canceled the order with no charge, and directed me to where I could find the materials which they had in stock to complete my project using Trex composite decking. Chastity took care of the cancelation process with professionalism and haste. Ginger assisted me in purchasing the desired parts which I needed, and scheduled a new delivery date for me. While the grade of composite material which I had initially ordered wasn't in stock on island, they directed me to a suitable replacement. Mahalo

Idk why I keep coming here, most of the employees are completely incompetent, the manager isn't any better. After all these bad reviews, he hasn't changed a thing. I just tried to order a refrigerator online. An hr later I get a call from a smart mouthed little girl telling me I wasn't going to get it because they don't have it in stock.. Why is it available to buy online if its not in stock? It says you had one at your location? Usually I get that excuse from their employees that just can find the container its in. It's not the fact its not in stock. Their just to disorganized or lazy to find their own items..

The honolulu store has gotta be the lamest most unprofessional store on the island. I actually go out of my way to drive to the Waikele location. Everyone there are older and used to military personel. Corporate needs to take a hint and fix it. Replace the incompetent manager in honolulu. This guy hasn't done anything to help the business and can't control his store. More than half the time there's hardley ever anybody around to help. When you do find someone, they're fresh out of highschool and know nothing about their job.

Found the staff to be helpful. Helped with finding things I needed.

This Store in Iwilei seems to have lots of issue. We purchased a fridge last week and the delivery was supposed to be the past Saturday. The delivery did not happen. Nobody called to inform us about any issue. Went into the store and found that they could not find any refrigerators that we bought even though their system says it was in stock. Nobody knows what caused this issue and could not guarantee the delivery either. I canceled the order as I was not convinced that Lowes was telling us the truth. Buyers be aware before purchasing any appliance from this Lowes Store.

If this were a " regular" candy store you would stay only two hours—-but they have everything you want/need!!!

We had a horrible experience at the Honolulu and Waipahu locations getting our fridge. We ordered it in the Honolulu store. They didn’t call on the delivery day until we reached out to them. It took them 2 hours to answer the phone. They called us back 30 minutes later and told us they can’t deliver our fridge because they gave ours away to someone else who’s was damaged. They told us it was now out of stock and would take at least 6 weeks to get the fridge we’ve already paid for. We then visited the Waipahu location. They told us the fridge was in stock and they could deliver later that week, but there was a catch! We would have to create a new order because they couldn’t honor the order made at the other Lowe’s on the island. We needed the fridge so we had to order it and pay the over $103 difference. I don’t think we should’ve had to pay for the company’s decision to give away our fridge that we already paid for. I had to contact the Lowe’s account on Twitter and ask to speak to a regional manager (which I never got to do) to get the difference back. It all worked out, but no thanks to these two stores.

What can i say, it's Lowe's. What they dont have, Home Depot will, and vice versa. And if you know exactly what you are looking for, along with any and all details you could hope to know about what you need to get, then this can be a wonderful and magnificent place to be...

HOWEVER.... Whilst shopping, should you happen upon something that gives you pause and prompts you to start foolishly developing questions that you'd like to... like.... ask a worker... or something totally wild like that.... well, comrades, i can only say this...

I feel sorry for the employees here, as Lowe's is just letting them deal with their understaffing. I walked in and couldn't find a shopping cart anywhere but saw people with them. I asked an employee and they said I should check the parking lot. I know it's not his job to wrangle carts, but this is clearly a departure from the norm established at every other store (including Lowe's) in the US. It'd be nice if they warned you with a sign before you get all the way inside, or maybe had those carts that you put a quarter in. The cashier when I left was super nice though, so I know they're trying their best.


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Reviews about Lowe's Home Improvement Honolulu

26.09.2023 15:35
I stop by every other month for odds and ends. But dang, I swear when I'm really needing to make a purchase of an item. The website states that the item is in stock, or has but a few left... Whether they just opened, or are 30 minutes til closing. I can't get any help, even through the intercom. Several times... It is my opinion that, passionate employees are nearly extinct. Just passing time to get a check. Prolly don't pay enough to warrant the necessary passion neither. Smh
26.09.2023 15:27
Was needing a new glass trimmer cause my craftsman gas trimmer just didn't want to start any more and I'm tried of pulling on that cord without it starting it's been so great for years would start everytime I used it and always on the first or second pull but not at all lately so I went to Lowes after checking out there web site to see what they had on sale and the brands they have on site and they have many brand name weed trimmers to choose from and the prices r not to bad , so I went there to see if they had what I seen on there web site in store and the one I wanted that was on sale as shown online and it was a trimmer combo with a blower and it was battery powered 40 volts came with one battery and charger trimmer and blower share the same battery so if u want u can buy another to have as back up but I never checked the price of an ex battery , I'm the only one who will be using them and can't use both at the same time so the one is enough for what I'm using it for , plus it's a Skill power tool and there tools r always made well and have a great reputation , plus there tools work well with other brands parts and trimmer heads that I have for my craftsman gas trimmer that has died on me , but the ex heads r still working fine so I was looking to be able to use them with this new skill 40 volts battery powered weed trimmer , plus I've had it with the gas ones and went with battery powered instead , it was $219.00 reg price for the combo Lowes had it for $149.00 a $70.00 savings that was the best deal that I seen there and in my price range
26.09.2023 15:26
I just love the garden section. Had to fill ym on my soil products
07.05.2023 15:19
Lots of small items of different tools but not that easy to find.


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