Ono Seafood

Honolulu, 747 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

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What happened guys. Had excellent poke here few years ago. This time around my tuna was definitely mushy and previously frozen. After buying 2.25 lbs For the price of $40per lbs, I felt ripped off. Poke at Costco and Foodland was way more flavorful/fresh and it was only $12.99 per lbs.. maybe new owner??

We had expected a great poke since all the customers rated +4. However, the poke was not worth the price nor good brunch. My mother ordered Shoyu ahí, since she cannot eat spicy. But shoyu ahi was spicy. Not seasoned well enough as well. I tried and I felt the same thing.just mysteriously spicy and seasoned not well so not so much taste. I ordered spicy ahi, it was ok. Poke at Foodland is way better. It was such a disappointing brunch.

They have some of the best poke here on the island and there spicy ahi is so flavorful and not over powering is just so mouth watering

On a quest for authentic Hawaiian poke, my husband and I visited Ono Seafood after reading numerous rave reviews about it. We arrived right at the opening, so there was no queue. Located in a small, hole-in-the-wall spot, it was easy to find, but parking was limited.

We ordered the Hawaiian Style Ahi, Spicy Ahi, and Shoyu Ahi poke, and we loved them all. The flavoring for each poke item was solid, and the Spicy Ahi was made to perfection. I might even go so far as to say it rivals Foodland's poke selection. The prices in my opinion are reasonable. Overall, this spot is a must-visit for anyone looking for authentic Hawaiian poke, and we would love to revisit Ono Seafood the next time we're in Oahu.

Shoyu my go to. You can't beat the quality of fish that melts in your mouth unlike the stuff you usually get at deli or typical poke bars.

A must try if you value good quality fish and want to try great ahi. 1/4 is equivalent to a small/medium single serving.

Ono was my First and only meal I had today at around 10:30 am. Around 2pm I started feeling extremely sick and have been throwing up since and can’t keep liquids down. Still sick right now at 10pm. I had the salmon and ahi tuna. Avoid this place at all costs, this place just robbed my vacation

Edit: 2 days later now, still mostly bed ridden with an upset stomach. I have had one other meal since Ono and haven’t been able to keep liquids or food down. I fly out tomorrow, thank you Ono was deleting three days of my vacation!

Found my new favorite poke spot.

You get blasted with cold AC when you enter, which was a much-needed surprise when the sun was as unforgiving as it was on the day that I went. Got the spicy ahi bowl with tempura flakes - the bowl is $17 and comes with a free bottle water or canned soda/juice. No sushi rice is a bummer, but the white rice was a LOT better than I expected and was as good as sushi rice would have been. The box looks small, but I’m a guy that could eat 3 Big Macs for dinner on a good day, and I nearly couldn’t finish this bowl.

The ahi is FRESH. My teeth sank into the cubes of ahi, which is unlike frozen ahi that is mushy and could be smashed into a paste with your tongue. The cubes are perfectly prepared, with no excess parts of fat or anything on the sides of them. IMO the sauce is perfect - not too little, but not overwhelming, either. The tempura flakes were a nice crunchy addition of texture to the soft, buttery-smooth blocks of fish. The place has awards posted inside the walls of their restaurant. Once you eat their poke, you’ll want to give them one of your own. Try this place and let their poke also be your new favorite.

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Reviews about Ono Seafood

18.12.2023 22:06
Very fresh and tasty! Wasabi ahi and spicy salmon both delicious! (Sorry that I ate half already…) Small place to order food and few bench seats outside. Limited parking so we parked at the Safeway and walked here. Worth the walk! :)
18.12.2023 22:06
No longer the king of cost performance of poke in or near Waikiki...
18.12.2023 22:05
Ono is one of my favorite poke shops in all of Hawaii. They serve up the freshest tasting fish with all the flavors you crave. The shop has won a few awards and been around for a while but the quality is still there since the first time I visited a few years ago.

Inside, the area is small. You order your bowl at the counter, then the poke is mixed fresh for you. Each poke bowl comes with a free soda or juice (though it’s probably included in the price already). The container does feel on the smaller side but the serving of fish is plenty and does leave you full after.

Outside, there are a few tables to eat at and they have their own small parking lot if you can get a spot. Overall, this place is close enough to Waikiki but out of the main hustle and bustle that you’ll want to come over and over!
18.12.2023 22:05









18.12.2023 22:05
Quality, fresh poke and a tourist trap - the lines are pretty long and you will find comparable poke at Foodland, but still worth a visit!
18.12.2023 22:04
I can see why this place was recommended by so many people.
18.12.2023 22:04
저렴하지만 채소가 거의 없습니다
로컬 맛집이라는데 한번 먹어본걸로 만족해요
18.12.2023 22:04
It was very fresh and tasty. Really good options but I didn’t get the octopus because I stopped eating it recently because I saw a documentary about how smart they are.
07.04.2023 14:16
Amazing poke after so many people recommended this place! Just doesn’t seem as worth for the price vs it’s quantity compared to other places I went to. Otherwise still amazing! $17USD and includes a drink


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