Stadium Mall

Гонолулу, 4510 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96818


Great restaurants scarce parking and parking lot is vusy and inefficient

Great place to grab a quick bite to eat, get a hair cut, massage or even go ice-skating.

Отличное место, чтобы перекусить, подстричься, сделать массаж или даже покататься на коньках.

Lots of eateries, ice skating and many shops and local businesses. Parking can get very difficult to lunch and dinner time, clientele can get a little territorial and punchy. 6 out 10 over all rating.

Много закусочных, катание на коньках и множество магазинов и местных предприятий. Парковка может стать очень сложной во время обеда и ужина, клиентура может стать немного территориальной и резкой. 6 из 10 по всему рейтингу.

The closest place from mine that has buffet and car care services. The Jack in the Box and Taco Bell are also open 24/7. Theyre trying to battle it out for that best Caucasian Taco award. Mark's Drive in is always a winner for me. Gang Gang!

Lots of good food places and a place to get pet stuff. Parking could be tricky around lunch time

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Reviews about Stadium Mall

07.04.2023 14:49
Quiet little mall


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