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Honolulu, 700 Ke’eaumoku St, Honolulu, HI 96814


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The most interesting reviews

This Walmart is at a very convenient location and for now it is the only Walmart in downtown. They have expanded it since the other location in Chinatown closed, so it looks more spacious and well stocked now.

A different experience than those on the mainland… not one mullet or lofted truck in sight.

One of the smaller stores with an unusual layout. Good for Hawaiian tourist presents at much better prices than in Waikiki shops.

Typical Walmart, not this one! Very nice people and a lot of them, both employees and customers. Small selection of items all with a huge price. No fresh meat and limited produce department. Many native products including fruits that are grown locally that are much more expensive than on the mainland. I was shocked! No driving up to this place and seeing a parking lot sitting in front of a large department store. You can't even see the Walmart sign from the road. But you can once you pull into the several story parking structure. From where we entered anyway. It was like parking right in front of the door, but you had to walk down stairs or hit the elevator.

I ran into Walmart to grab a new luggage set because I did so much shopping then I ended up buying snacks I’ve never seen here in California #foodie #snackqueen

I tend to not like huge crowds, and this walmart seems to draw everyone in Honolulu at every second of the day. Its a headache coming here with the chaos. However, they always have what is needed there's that.

Good, fairly large Walmart location with lots of goods. The parking lot tends to get really congested, at least on the first floor.

Typically I am not a Walmart fan. This one is pretty good for a Walmart. It's very busy, they have almost everything you could ever want. Including a crowded store, self checkout and very busy parking area.

Bonuses are it is part of a shopping plaza that includes Sams Club, Starbucks, and more. You may want to enter the parking garage via the ramp in the back and head to the second floor. From there take advantage of the many elevators. On this visit the staff was friendly, although looked exhausted. They had everything packed into this store. They have the best prices on potato chips on the island. This is very convenient to get everything done in one stop, especially if you bring a cooler. I like to start with a short walk to a local bakery nearby, then Walmart, finishing up with Sam's Club. Good place to go if you are in a pinch and need a bunch of random things.

Visiting from Canada: Ladies, it’s the cleanest Walmart ladies room I’ve been in!!! To Walmart Manager, please give your Custodian a raise!

Just like any other Wal-Mart as long as you get there early before they get extremely busy. Of course this one is better since it's in Hawaii

This place has it all. Friendly, helpful employees, produce, deli, hardware, booze, pharmacy, electronics, camping, and the list goes on. Prices are comparable to other major big box stores. I also recommend the Greek gyros stand just outside of the entrance. Also AAA mix plate is Ono, they are outside at the far end.

Good prices. Has all beach stuff you need and good food for dinner. Also has a good section for stuff to take home to loved ones.

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Reviews about Walmart Honolulu

07.01.2024 13:45
Big store, has everything you can possibly need.
07.01.2024 13:45
Nice place friendly service and clean and cheap
07.01.2024 13:45
07.01.2024 13:44
07.01.2024 13:44
The store was very busy and crowded. We were able to find all that we were looking for, and check out was uneventful.
07.01.2024 13:44
Very nice crowded but normal for that time of year.very friendly
07.01.2024 13:44
It’s your typical Walmart. The guy with a brace on his leg that works in the Craft section is always extremely helpful and friendly.
Tempted to give a lower rating because trying to find the place walking sucked, there’s no indication from outside the parking garage of where the entrance is. But wanted the staff to get recognition for being awesome.
18.05.2023 14:41
Good grief the place is huge
Prices are fantastic and the staff were very helpful and nice.


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